10 Things to be Happy About – Fall Edition

It’s that weird time of year – a transition, from fun lovin’ warm summer to a chilly, maybe frosty winter. However, this short window of time known as fall is arguably the best time of the year. Even with all the unique changes we experience – it’s hands down super exciting (at least for me)! I know everyone is different, but there is something about Fall that brings a unique kind of joy that you just don’t typically find any other time of the year. It’s not better or worse, it’s just different. Below are 10 things to be happy about – Fall Edition!
1. The smell and “feel” of the fall air:  It’s crisp with a tinge of cool, it’s shorter days, but not short of fun – it’s hot coffee, warm cocoa with tiny marshmallows, the aroma of baking pumpkin bread, cookies and pies! It’s the look of the stunning changing bushes and trees with warm colors of red and orange and yellow and cool wind on your face. It’s the little ones playing outside trying to catch the last few warm days in the sun. It just makes my heart happy and makes me smile!
2. Back to school shopping: I love love back to school shopping. Even though I do not have kids old enough for actual serious back to school shopping yet, I would not miss it! I have loved it since I was small and have never stopped. There are so many new and cool items out and it is fun to peruse the back to school/office items.
3. Pumpkin Bread: I can almost hardly wait to make it when summer is turning into fall. I am not a pumpkin spice fanatic, but I can never get enough of pumpkin bread! A warm slice with butter after you wake up is the perfect breakfast to start a chilly fall day.
4. Sweaters and boots and pants: Who doesn’t love to bundle up!
5. Jackets: I love jackets and my twin sister loves them even more than I do! There are so many styles that go with any outfit or occasion and any type of weather that fall can throw at you.
6. Butternut Squash Ravioli: This dish gets a number all on its own – it is that good! My husband, Chris, makes it with a butter sage sauce and I can never get enough of it. Ever! I could probably eat it everyday if he’d let me!
7. Daylight Savings: I know daylight savings time means it gets darker earlier and it is not loved by all. Believe me, I love the long sunny days of summer, definitely! However, sometimes the darker evenings make fall feel like fall. You can somehow justify the darkness more because the weather is cooler. I love to light the candles during dinner and snuggle up with the family for a movie or even do some late night baking. If we are out and about I love seeing all the city lights. My little ones also like to go to bed a bit earlier too and read a few good books. During the summer, my oldest won’t go to bed until it is completely dark. Bedtime is certainly easier come fall.
8. Festivities: Fall is a festive time of year with many harvest festivals and parties. It means pumpkins and pony rides, hay bales and slides for my little ones.

Pony Ride in the Fall

9. Pumpkins: Pumpkins mean fall and they are used in much fall decorating which I love. They come in so many colors and different shapes and sizes.
10. It means the Holidays are near: Fall is essentially the start of the holiday season that we all know so well. Fall and Harvest Festivals start it all with Halloween right around the corner. Thanksgiving comes shortly after and just a day later Christmas basically starts. It’s a busy season for sure, but that’s what I love about it. To me, it is family, friends, food, laughter and fun!
What is your favorite part of the fall season?
Live Laugh and Love Life!  

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