A Great Time in Northern California!

We are back and settled in our home in Colorado now after an amazing trip to California… and we can’t wait to go back, already!

We spent time in San Diego and had such an amazing experience and you can read all about it in my last post you can find here. This post, however, i’ll dedicate to our latter part of the trip spent in Northern California. We have such sweet memories of our time spent in Northern California, specifically Napa Valley and San Francisco. These places are near and dear to me and my husband’s heart. We spent a few years living in Napa and going back made us remember even more just how much we miss it! It was so much the same, yet so different if that makes any sense. It has been 7 years since we have been back and we loved every minute spent there!

We were only there three short days, but filled each days to the fullest.

We drove from San Diego to Napa on Valentine’s Day. It took all day, but we made it there just in time for dinner – about 7:30pm – ish! We went to one of our favorite restaurants. It’s a place we went way too much while we lived there and it’s where we hosted our rehearsal dinner as well. It’s called Norman Rose Tavern. It has amazing hamburgers, my husband likes the lamb burger and it didn’t disappoint the girls as well with their local hotdogs.

Our first full day we spent in Napa itself. You can’t start your day without going to Model Bakery! Their English Muffins are to die for and and breakfast sandwich can’t get any better than from here, ever! My husband likes (or even better, loves) their English muffins so much he bought 50 of them to have sent back to us – 50!

We met up with an old friend at a park and let the girls play and then visited the place I worked all the time we were living there, V. Sattui Winery. It’s an Italian Winery with a phenomenal deli and picnic grounds if you’re ever in the area! We had a great time tasting a few wines and reminiscing (since we got married there too)! The girls had room to run around and picked a cookie out too from the deli.

Next we were off to our favorite restaurant! Many probably beg to differ, there are a lot of amazing restaurants, but this is ours! It, of course, is Bistro Jeanty in the little sophisticated town of Yountville located in the heart of Napa Valley. It serves classic French cuisine and we had all of our favorites we remembered so fondly. You can’t go wrong with their tomato soup served with puff pastry topping. My husband and I also shared their pork belly with lentils and a pork shoulder with butternut squash and Brussels sprouts… yum!

Next door was a small winery called Hope & Grace. The names of our

Our next day was spent in San Francisco! We wanted to take the girls to our favorite spots. We parked by the bay and headed to our first stop which was Ghirardelli Square. Candy candy or I should say, chocolate chocolate everywhere! The girls were in heaven! Chocolate is a favorite of both of theirs! A small caramel bunny was given to all of us as we walked in. After all was said and done, we left with enough chocolate to last us 6 months.

We left to take in the sites of Fisherman’s Wharf and stopped at Boudin Bakery for lunch. If you remotely like sourdough bread, it’s a must go to and see on your list! We ate lunch with ample amount of sourdough – more than any of us could eat and took off for Pier 39. Our main goal was to see the famous Sea Lions. We did stop along the way and watched a few street performers that held our interest.

Our last activity of the day was to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. One of me and my husbands favorite memories. When we lived there we walked across it frequently. It’s just so beautiful looking over the bay and the unique city of San Francisco just being able to walk and talk and take things slow. My oldest daughter slept the whole time – there and back, but our youngest had a fun time taking it all in and touching the large cables along the way.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Lombard Street. The super twisty road that’s so famous. It’s so twisty down because it would have been way way too steep to pave the road straight down the hill. I can skim over this activity because we drove down it at least 5 times. The girls couldn’t get enough for some reason. Their was just laughter all the way down, every time!

Our last full day of our vacation was spent in Napa again. Of course, we started the day again at Model Bakery! Next we headed to Cliff Lede Winery where my husband used to work. We had a few sips of wine and soaked up the sun on their beautiful patio for a few minutes. After purchasing some wines we headed up a steep hill to the Poetry Inn (a sister property to Cliff Lede) that overlooked the valley – so gorgeous! My husband used to work as the Chef in this outrageously expensive five bedroom inn. Maybe one day we might be able to stay there!

All this was a little taxing on the girls and they needed a nap desperately. We decided to drive around a bit and ended up at Castello di Amarosa Winery. It’s a must see if you ever visit! Rutherford Grill was for dinner – another favorite. We met up with my cousin that lived not too far away and had a great time and called it a night.

Unfortunately, we came to the end of our extraordinary vacation. We had Model Bakery and In n Out one last time and boarded our plane.

Until next time!


Always take the scenic route


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