A How-To Wedding Series: Miscellaneous and Your Honeymoon!

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. Get things done early and stay organized. In my previous posts we talked about choosing the venue, photographer, flowers, officiant and music. Make sure to bookmark them all!  It’s a time to celebrate, so have fun during the planning process, the day of, and of course, after! Your wedding will be the best!

Tie Up the Loose Ends

Lastly, there are two very important categories you have to think about. The honeymoon and the small things like wedding favors and shoes, which I’ve grouped into a category of “miscellaneous.” These are important items that are an integral part of the wedding, but aren’t necessarily the main focus. Together they’re actually a HUGE part of the wedding and are loose ends that need to be tied up!

From the wedding invitations to what you’re going to wear…decisions, decisions, decisions. Then there is the honeymoon! This can be a hard decision or the easiest one you’ll ever make depending on what both the bride and groom like. I’ve provided a list of miscellaneous items with questions to ask as well as personal questions for you to decide a great honeymoon destination!


I have already gone through the wedding venue, photographer, officiant, flowers and music. There are so many details within each category, but there are so many more that need your attention that don’t fit into one of these particular categories. Here is a list of items you’ll need to ask yourself. Know that most of these can be optional.

  • The very important wedding dress! Start trying them on – earlier, the better. Most shops need time to order and have it made. You’ll know which dress is the one as soon as you try it on!
  • Wedding shoes – do you want traditional white, a color or a certain style? Boots? Tennis shoes? Heels? Flats? Sandals?
  • Jewelry – you’ll have your new beautiful ring, of course, but do you want any earrings or a necklace or bracelet?
  • Tuxes? Do you have a certain fit or color in mind?
  • Wedding party gifts: bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts
  • Picking out bridesmaid dresses – what style and color? All the same or different?
  • Flower girl and ring bearer outfits – do you want to be involved in picking these out for the little ones?
  • Wedding save the dates and wedding invitations – a must!
  • Hair – look into styles you like or you may already have one in mind. Do you want to keep your hair down or have an updo? Wear a veil? Flowers? Tiera?
  • Makeup – do you want to do this yourself or have it professionally done?
  • Nails – do you want to do this yourself or have it professionally done as well? What color?
  • Seating chart – are you looking to have assigned seating or open seating?
  • Bachelorette party – when, where, what are you looking for?
  • Bachelor party – same! when, where, what are you looking for?
  • Bridal shower – do you want a traditional shower with your girlfriends or a co-ed one?
  • Wedding favors – think hard! What is it that you would like to give all your guests as a thank you and parting gift?
  • Bride and groom parting activity – ex: throwing rice or rose petals, sparklers, lanterns, etc… Is this something you would like?
  • Guest book – there are a lot of different options and cool ideas, research and find what you like best! A book? A picture?
  • Transportation – for you and your guests if this is needed. Limo? Buses?
  • Guest room favors: if you decide to host a room block at a hotel, do you want to provide welcoming gifts to them upon getting to their room?
  • Thank you notes: Plan this ahead of time to make it that much easier after your wedding happens.
  • Flower girl and ring bearer Bride, bridesmaids and flower girl


Your honeymoon should be awesome, fabulous, outstanding, exceptional! It’s a time for just you and your new forever love to have time together, to unwind and have a fun relaxed time before real life starts again! You should make it a time to remember because this time in your life is so important.

Make sure it is something that you both will like. It won’t be a vacation to remember if one of you likes to lie on the beach while the other wants a site-seeing adventure. There is a place that suits both the bride and groom, I promise! …but you most likely have commonalities, that’s why you found each other and picking a honeymoon spot will be easy!

My husband and I chose Maui, Hawaii! I absolutely love Hawaii (always a popular honeymooning destination) and he had never been there and aspired to go, so it was perfect. It was the perfect mix of the beach and adventure.

Palm TreesCouples picture on the Island of HawaiiSnorkeling Hawaii's Hana HighwayJet Skiing in Hawaii

The biggest question is what do you both like? Do you like the tropical scene? Disney? Exploring new cities? Hiking? Do you want a road trip? From life experiences, I have seen that most people already have a place in mind and that both are excited about.

It’s your Wedding!

With your wedding, there are so many things to think about and do, but, I promise, it will all come together just the way it’s supposed to! Don’t get too crazy with the nitty gritty and don’t forget to ask for help if you want it or need it. Make your wedding, the whole process from engagement through the honeymoon, a special and fun time that you’ll look back on with a huge grin on your face!

Look for my next post that will sum up my wedding series with my questions worksheet that will get all the wheels turning in your mind to plan and create your prefect wedding and live with your new love for the rest of your life!


You are my today and all of my tomorrows!


Wedding: Miscellanious and your Honeymoon

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