All Wrapped up in Christmas! Create Gorgeous Gifts to Place Under Your Tree

I’m all about Christmas wrapping! My mom and sisters kind of have an unspoken competition every year. We don’t really talk about it much until we gather all the presents together to see who really is the wrapping winner! We sort and examine all the gifts over and over again (maybe shake a few along the way). Criteria: Who got the most creative and who has the most unique wrapping and bows? Where did your wrapping paper come from? Do all your gifts match and have a theme? This little competition does create a beautiful picture Christmas Day with the array of neatly creatively wrapped presents underneath the Christmas Tree! You almost don’t want to unwrap them… almost! Curiosity can get the best of you after a gift has been sitting under the tree a few weeks… or days no matter how awesome the wrapping is! That’s what pictures are for right! Wrapping is like a fine detailed cake – sooner or later it gets destroyed. That’s ok though!

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When my mom, sisters and I shop and see a wrapping station we always kind of joke that we’d each love that job – picking out some gorgeous paper and wrapping a gift box with clean cut edges. An oddly shaped package is another story… However, the combination of a perfect box and awesome paper and bows always lands a perfect wrapped gift! Wrapping other peoples gifts to make them look so beautiful would be so gratifying. We joke, but I think we would all seriously like to actually take on this job during the holidays!

I know for some of you, wrapping is a chore, but no matter who you are, I think the Holidays can bring out your creativity. You do things you may not do really any other time of the year like wrapping presents or baking or decorating cookies. It may be the one time of year you get to go to a fancy Christmas party and get dressed to the nines. This year I got extra creative with my wrapping.

I decided holly berries and leaves would be my 2017 theme. I just love them! They just scream it’s Christmas time to me. Below are a few different ways to wrap using the holly berry theme.

I started all my presents with brown wrapping paper. It’s simple, yet elegant and can be decorated in any way. It’s so versatile.

With this first present I created one large holly berry cluster great for a larger package. To create this I purchased 1 1/2 inch round clear plastic ornaments. They can be filled with most anything red or any type of candy. I chose red M&M’s, red round sprinkles and red sanding sugar. This decoration would be fun for any age or anyone. For someone like my sister who loves to bake, filling them with sprinkles is perfect. Or for a little kid, a yummy red snack may be just what is needed while all the Christmas paper is flying furiously all over the house Christmas morning. You can always use red glitter as well. For the leaves, I purchased green glitter paper and cut out holly leaves. I then used a hot glue gun and glued everything to the package. I think it turned out great! Very simple, fun and elegant.

Next, for a smaller package where the ornaments were too big, I used red glitter paper to cut out circles for the berries and the same green glitter paper for the holly leaves. You could use this method as well on all your packages if you don’t want to use the round ornaments.

For this next package I used a little fillable lightbulb ornament as decoration. I stuck with the theme and used holly berry sprinkles to fill the lightbulb! I placed it on the present with shiny green ribbon. It gives it a fun unique touch!

To get the kids involved I let them decorate some gifts too. I wrapped the presents in the same brown paper and let them decorate the paper with markers. I gave my youngest, Grace, a red and a green marker to decorate with, and then we stuck a matching gift tag on. For my oldest, Hope, she chose black and purple to match the gift tags she found – purple unicorns with a black glitter boarder. It is very important with her that we include horses and unicorns in absolutely everything we do! I am sure some of you can relate to obsession!

I hope you’re inspired and have a good time wrapping or unwrapping (if wrapping isn’t your thing) all your gifts this holiday season! It’s doesnt have to be stressful. Make it fun!

Below is an awesome wrapping cart I came across that would be perfect for anyone – those that wrap a ton or those that just need some storage where the paper won’t get messed up in any way! I love how all the ribbon is displayed so nice and neat. Feel free to take a closer look!








Wrapping Cart Organizer

Do you get crazy and creative with your Christmas wrapping? Let me know your thoughts?


It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!!

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