Being Twins, Identical Twins!

My sister and I are twins, which some of you may know – identical twins!

To this day we look super similar and even more so when we were younger and when we were babies… there was no telling us apart! Friends would come over and see our baby pictures and ask who is who. They would say you have to know because it is you! I don’t though. I have no idea. I think my mom is the only one that really knows!

We have grown up to be very different, yet very similar and there are some funny stories about being identical twins. I think being an identical twin made life 100% better and more interesting for me and I would not change a thing. I always had and have my best friend in the whole wide world next to me.

So, here’s a little glimpse into my life growing up as a twin.

Fourth grade was the first time we actually played a trick in school. It wasn’t huge. We just switched classrooms to see how long it would take before the teachers knew. I don’t remember all the details, but I don’t recall it being too long. The teachers didn’t know, but it was all the classmates that rose suspicion. They’d say, “you’re not Chelsea!” After this happened a few times, the teacher caught on, and I just couldn’t lie… you’re right, I was not Chelsea. Then we switched. It was not too eventful, but it gave our peers a good laugh!

All through middle school and high school, we were called by each other’s name so much that even though I was Courtney, I was also Chelsea. I just stopped correcting people. People would just do it again. They didn’t know. Our friends and a few others started to catch on how to tell us apart though. Chelsea wore some sort of pink , and I’d try not to wear it at all. I was not 100% successful; I like pink too! It threw people for a loop when that happened.

In high school, we would also end up in a few classes together. My sister and I are both very hard workers, but our grades varied a bit depending on the subject. For example, Chemistry class – Chelsea flew through that class, but it was a little tough for me. I did well, but my grades were a bit lower. At the end of the semester, our grades just did not reflect the returned papers and tests. It’s like the teacher saw our last name and just wrote down a grade in the corresponding line. That was a time-consuming mess to fix!

I also had a history teacher that called me Chelsea the whole semester. My sister had taken his class first semester, and I guess out of habit, he couldn’t stop.

Fast forward a few years, my sister and I both attended college (different majors, so there was no confusion there). During our first summer, we both landed the same job as banquet servers at a country club. We worked a lot of the same parties, and that always made for an interesting time. Sometimes, as a server, you get inundated with wants and needs – you know! Well, at times you can slip and forget something, or with so many requests, the one that was just asked for may take a little bit of time to fulfill… It wasn’t uncommon for a guest to flag me down and talk to me like “where is my White Russian I ordered 15 minutes ago!” I would then say, “well, I have no idea, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” That would irritate most people and put some into a rage until I’d tell them what really happened and that I’m innocent! When I said I didn’t know, I really didn’t know! Most people found this funny, but there were those select few that complained. Some that took it to the next level getting the upper management involved telling them they shouldn’t have hired such similar looking people…!

Talk about dating… Chelsea found her a boyfriend the first day of college… the first day! He later became her husband, just so you know! Even her boyfriend of a few years still made a mistake, though he said he never would… We were in between classes in college and my sister and I were walking when her boyfriend Matt came up behind us… but instead of putting his arm around Chelsea like he thought he was – it was around me! He was mortified, to say the least, and it never happened again!

After college, my sister got a job at a high-end grocery store as their cake decorator. She worked there many years and decided to quit after she had her first son to stay home with him. Some co-workers knew she had a twin and some didn’t. About a year later, I decided to get a part-time job, and I landed one at the same grocery store she worked at, but not in the same department she worked in. Some people knew, but more were confused. I got so many weird looks! Why would Chelsea come back to work in a different department? They have been asking her since she left to come back to her old position. I got a handful of, “why would you come back to a different department and leave the bakery when we need you there!” Well, I would have to tell you, if you put me in the bakery as a cake decorator, I guarantee you they wouldn’t keep me long.” I’d say this… or not, and just explain what was going on. This puzzled a few. With a good amount of employees that worked at the store, this went on for a good two months.

Employees are one thing, but then there are the customers. I had a few that would just look at me and want to be waited on and they would just seem so irritated. Eventually, they say something to the effect like, “don’t you remember me?” All I can think is “no.” I really just don’t know them.  All of the guests laugh or they are embarrassed. It’s not their fault though; we do look really similar especially in a white chef’s coat with our hair pulled up and a baseball hat.

When I was younger I never thought at this age as adults we’d still throw people off and get mixed up! Though I think I don’t look that similar to Chelsea – that’s just me! Other’s don’t feel the same way though! We are twins, identical twins!


Born together, friends forever 



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