Cake Pops -How to make a Christmas Tree

Cake Pops

Cake pops are always so much fun! They’re gathering friendly, easy to entertain with and guests love to pop these in their mouths. Cake pops can be passive with no big to do of cutting a huge pie or cake. I also love them because no matter the occasion, they can be tailored to suit the need. Plus, they’re just so darn delicious. It’s a small package of flavor: cake, icing, chocolate and maybe sprinkles. One is never, never enough!

The whole family always gathers at my Mom and Dad’s house for Christmas. My twin sister and her girls, and my little sister and her boyfriend! (Soon to be fiancé we hope!) The day is always so joyous filled with sincere love, laughter and of course food. Presents furiously fly open early in the morning, but by the time breakfast rolls around, food dominates the rest of the day.

Dessert is always my task. This is my top priority. The days before Christmas, sugar and flour fill the air and the work doesn’t stop until my creations are perfect. My family and friends are so worth it. I love sharing my masterpieces!

My little guy enjoying a cake pop!

This Christmas, one of my favorite desserts I want to share with you is my cake pop Christmas tree. I like to make edible festive centerpieces and dessert table showstoppers. This is definitely one of many. Green, red and white sprinkles make the tree sparkle while the star at the top is edible gold glitter. I just know my guests will love it! Especially my little niece. There’s no telling how many she’s eaten already!

This tree is fun, easy to eat, “finger food.” Perfect for my family and friends. No messy cake to cut or pie to fuss over. They can, on their own leisure, just pull an “ornament” off the tree and be on their way. Elegant elaborate trees can be designed to simple green trees. It’s your call. And the flavor spectrum is endless. Use any cake scraps or make certain flavors specifically for this project, but know, it’s not too hard. Just a bit of delicious time.

To Make

First make sure you have a styrofoam cone and lollipop sticks or toothpicks. I found tooth picks are easier to pierce through the foam. Hobby Lobby or Michael’s is a great place to purchase all your components. Determine how big your tree needs to be. I always buy a bit bigger cone than I think I’ll need. It can always be cut down to size.

Making the Cake Pops

For the cake pops, I start out with cake. Chocolate was my choice. Use scrapes, buy or make your desired flavor. Mix together with icing just until the cake can be squeezed together without falling apart. It feels like the consistency of wet dirt. I don’t have an exact recipe. I just eyeball my cake and icing. Next, divide and roll. I used an ice cream scoop to achieve uniformity.

Freeze for about and hour and next stick a toothpick into the center of each ball. Melt chocolate and dip until completely submerged.  Shake off excess chocolate.

Either immediately coat with sprinkles (it gives them a nice little crunch) or set to dry. I use styrofoam to keep them upright while drying. Put back into the freezer and let harden again. This will help make your tree creation smooth and clean.

After your cake balls are all set, get your cone out and start from the top placing them perfectly while working your way down. Create circles around the cone until your desired look is achieved. Be creative. And ta-da! You have a sweet centerpiece to display and devour!

Christmas is always a fun, sometimes hectic holiday, but between all the madness, take a bit of time to enjoy the sweet side.

Try out you’re own creation and let me know how it goes! Make sure to post some pictures of your masterpiece!


Eat Drink and be Merry 🎄


A cake pop Christmas Tree is such a great party dessert and a centerpiece statement.

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