Stunning Glitter Paintings: How To Create Your Own

Spirit Riding Free: Glitter Painting

Sparkles & Shine Glitter painting is one of my favorite ways to spend some of my down time. To me, it’s relaxing and allows me to get really creative and make something beautiful. I finished my first one approximately ten years ago and it turned out so well I was hooked. It takes time and…

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An Inexpensive DIY Kitchen Upgrade that Looks Amazing!

I don’t do much of the cooking in my family’s home, but the kitchen is probably my favorite room in our house. This is our central hang out space, the room where most of our daily interactions take place, and probably the focal point of our interior. Until recently, it never matched the images in…

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All Wrapped up in Christmas! Create Gorgeous Gifts to Place Under Your Tree

I’m all about Christmas wrapping! My mom and sisters kind of have an unspoken competition every year. We don’t really talk about it much until we gather all the presents together to see who really is the wrapping winner! We sort and examine all the gifts over and over again (maybe shake a few along…

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