Change the Current with Colorado Spring Utilities!

Colorado Springs! In partnership with Colorado Springs Utilities, let’s #ChangeTheCurrent! Be mindful of conserving energy and let’s save time and save our precious resources! It isn’t just about saving electricity or being energy savvy; it’s also a great way to save money. We want to help and preserve the future of Colorado Springs by committing to simple changes to be safe and efficient.

We all know we can do more around the home or business to save energy – but where do we start? First: Take the pledge at today to make changes at your business or home, and you’ll be entered to win a $500 home improvement gift card to Lowe’s or Home Depot. Start small or go big, every little bit helps!

Just a few simple changes to your lifestyle or your home, you’ll see the savings add up, not only for yourself, but for our great city, Colorado Springs, that we love!

Colorado Springs has been my home for my whole life. I was born here, raised here and now I have a family of my own. I love it and can’t imagine living anywhere else! It’s home and I want to keep this city clean and gorgeous while preserving the resources for generations to come.

It’s all about energy. A few energy savers you can easily do are:

Replace your light bulbs with energy star LEDs #changethecurrent Colorado Springs Utilities Replace your light bulbs with energy star LEDs!

⁃ Replace at least 5 light bulbs with energy star LEDs

⁃ Unplug all appliances and chargers you don’t use regularly

⁃ Change your heating/cooling air filters regularly

⁃ Set your thermostat to save energy while sleeping or away

⁃ Follow Colorado Springs Utilities on social media for more energy efficiency tips

In my house, my husband and I have replaced every single one of our light bulbs with efficient LEDs. By doing this, we have saved a significant amount over the year. We definitely feel great about the change too. It all adds up! It’s savings for us and helps preserve energy and electricity.

Safety first! Safety is so important and overlooked at times. Be responsible, and take the pledge to:

⁃ Install a carbon monoxide alarm on each level of your home

⁃ Pledge to stay away from power lines and other utilities equipment

⁃ Click 811 to have utility lines marked for free before digging

Adhering to these suggestions will save you a lot of hassle and can potentially save your life! I know from experience how valuable a carbon monoxide alarm is. Do not hesitate to get several, and make sure to keep them current.

Going paperless? Paper is so overrated and in need of saving too.

⁃ Sign up for eBilling at

⁃ Sign up for My Notifications to receive electronic bill alerts

⁃ Pay your bill electronically

Not only do we have paperless billing, but also have most everything set online as well. Less paper, less mess, less stress!

Water! Water! Water! Although Colorado Springs is NOT in water restriction this summer, it’s essential to use water wisely.

Drink our wonderful tap water! #changethecurrent Colorado Springs Utilities Drink our wonderful tap water!Water your landscape 3 times a week! #changethecurrent Colorado Springs Utilities Water your landscape 3 times a week!

⁃ Check faucets, toilets and irrigation systems for leaks

⁃ Water your landscape during the early and later parts of the day, so it doesn’t just evaporate in the heat of the sun

⁃ Water 3 times a week during the heat of the summer to keep landscape beautiful and alive

⁃ Our tap water is clean and pure! We’re the first ones to use it straight from the Rocky Mountains. Forget the bottled water (not to mention the trash and litter that comes with it)…tap is where it’s at. I know my little guy loves drinking out of his water bottle. I love it too! Keep cool this hot, hot summer!

– How effective is your climate control? Your home is your comfortable spot, so make sure you’re in tune with your thermostat.

Smart thermostat! #changethecurrent Colorado Springs Utilities Get a smart thermostat for best energy saving results!

⁃ Smart Thermostats are the perfect way to save energy and save money. Having one is so beneficial, but what makes them “smart?” It’s just a control panel, but it learns from your behaviors. Some can be adjusted remotely, can show you real-time energy-consumption, and can adjust themselves depending ambient conditions.

Colorado Springs Utilities offers a Smart Thermostat Rebate! Visit for more information.

We don’t have one yet in our home, but I’m chomping at the bits to get one this next month. Many of my friends have them, and can’t say enough great things about them! Go to your local home improvement store and pick one up today! Until we make that purchase, we currently have a programmable one, set for savings!

Programmable thermostats are great at energy savings as well. Set it and watch your savings grow.

In the meantime, keep the house cool!

⁃ Don’t turn on the oven or burners, grill outside!

⁃ Run your appliances in the morning or evening!

⁃ Definitely keep those blinds closed to keep the hot sunshine from heating up your place!

⁃ Set your thermostat for savings!

Grill outside! #changethecurrent Colorado Springs Utilities Grill outside!Keep shades closed! #changethecurrent Colorado Springs Utilities Keep the blinds closed for a cooler house and save energy! …and Go Broncos!

Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. To avoid heating up the house, I love to grill. Besides, nothing screams summer more than a grilled meal! Grilled pizza, grilled burgers, grilled steak, grilled corn, grilled fruit, grilled cake – I’ll grill anything! While I’m grilling, I keep those blinds closed too. Then, when I’m done cooking, I can enjoy the delicious meal I cooked in my cool house!

Go to to find out more details.

It’s totally worth it!

Colorado Springs is such an awesome city, so let’s all #ChangeTheCurrent together!

Take the pledge today and find out more information at and

#changethecurrent #AD


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