Classic Oreo Cookie Crust

Oreo crust

Oreo Cookie Crust is the best chocolate dessert crust around! It’s simply the classic Oreo cookie all smashed up and mixed with a little butter! Nothing tastes better! Sweet, chocolaty, buttery…the perfect vessel for any dessert filling!

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Oreo crust

Oreos are decadent to begin with, but add butter to bind it together and I can’t help but eat it by the spoonful! It’s a wonder any makes it to the pan!

Oreo Crust Uses

It’s a versatile crust! It can be bake or no-bake and definitely goes with so many fillings!

  • Cheesecakes
  • Pies
  • Bars
  • Tarts
  • Parfaits

It’s easy to make your own, no need to run to the store unless you don’t have Oreos or butter on hand! I usually don’t…Oreos don’t stick around long in my house! Especially Double Stuf! Although it’s easy enough to just buy the crust already made (I’m certainly not against it), it’s just not the same as when you make it. Making it yourself, you can control the thickness and especially the shape. You’re not limited to just a pie, the classic shape it’s usually sold as.

Let’s Make Oreo Crust 

Step 1: To start you’ll need a food processor, or if you don’t have one, a large ziplock bag and a rolling pin will do. Once you’ve reduced the cookies to crumbs, place them in a bowl and add melted butter.

Oreo crumbs
Step 2: Stir until all the crumbs are coated thoroughly.
Step 3: Pour them into your baking dish, spread evenly and press firmly to shape. That’s it!
Step 4: At this point you can go ahead and bake it so it firms up. Let it cool and you’re ready to go! Or you can move forward with your recipe without baking the crust, although it will stay crumbly. Either way is perfect.

Oreo Crust

Graham Cracker Vs. Oreo Crust 

Compared to Graham cracker crust I use considerable less butter in the Oreo crust – maybe all the Oreo icing (I love the Double Stuf Oreos) holds it together better! So if you’re going to make Graham cracker crust, you might end up using a bit more butter. Just add a small amount at a time until you reach the right consistency. It’ll be just right when you can smash it between your fingers and it holds its shape. 

Complete with your favorite pie filling and enjoy every single bite!

Oreo Crust Recipe

Classic Oreo Crust

A chocolaty, sweet, buttery crust; the perfect vessel for any filling.

Course Dessert
Keyword oreos, pie crust


  • 1/2 Cup Butter 1 stick
  • 1 Package Oreos 1 Ib. 4oz.


  1. Place all the Oreos in a food processor and reduce to fine crumbs. Pour them into a bowl.

  2. Melt the butter and add to the Oreo crumbs. Mix until all the crumbs are coated in butter evenly.

  3. Pour into your baking dish and press firmly and evenly into the bottom and sides of the dish.

  4. Use immediately or bake at 350°F for 7-10 minutes. Cool completely. Once cool add your favorite filling and enjoy!

Pies are always on my dessert menu. Here are my favorite crust recipes that complete the perfect pie!

Keep it Sweet!

The Classic Oreo Pie Crust Recipe perfect for any pie filling.





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