Dachshund Days – Toaster and His Attitude

Red long hair dachshund head shot

Toaster the dachshund!

Dachshunds are lovable, clever, cute little creatures with a mind of their own. Being extra long with short little legs gives them their signature look. They’re little walking hot dogs! These doggies are truly (in my opinion) the best dogs on the planet! They are comical, mostly stubborn, possessive, treat loving little guys that come with big huge attitudes!

Dachshund sitting in cart

My dachshund, Toaster, in particular, has quite the personality, or attitude I should say. He’s all about structure and has a very regimented daily schedule. Wake up the same time everyday, wake your human up at the same time, make sure you get a mornings snack and then maybe nap, but with one eye open…we don’t want unannounced intruders, birds or squirrels disrupting his home. Keep the poodle and other dachshund in line at all times. Make sure his human cooks him dinner and go on a nightly walk… if he feels like it, that is, and the weather isn’t inclement in any way. Finally, settle down and watch some tv in the rocking chair with his human. Go to bed, wake up and do it all again. 

He doesn’t like things that throw him off guard and likes everything just so! When things go his way…it’s a good day, for every one! 

Long hair red dachshund and his human

Now that Toaster is almost ten, he’s an old man dachshund! Older and wiser I like to say! The hair on his snout is turning white and and he really has no tolerance for…well anybody. Be prepared for a spontaneous snap!  

His little dachshund buddy, “O” is always counting on Toaster to tell him what to do. He’s just a chill little guy. He’s definitely Toaster’s little shadow. They don’t play all that often, but I know they love each other. 

Toddler and dachshund in door way
Owen and my little guy, Orson

I know my dachshund is happy, but he certainly keeps his edginess on standby! For instance, when impromptu, unwanted visitors arrive, things go haywire. Here’s a fun little look into his life! 

I was living with my parents at the time and my husband was on a deployment. Driving home from work was usually uneventful, but this night I almost hit a yellow lab. Immediately I pull over and notice the dog is lost. I open the door, shove him in the backseat of my tiny VW Beetle and call the number on his collar. Turns out, his owner had been looking for quite awhile.

Red long hair dachshund laying in grass

He was about 30 minutes away. So I drive into my parents garage, close it behind me and let the dog out. Knowing Toaster wouldn’t receive this information lightly, I left the dog in the garage to greet him. He was NOT happy. Smelling this foreign dog on me made him completely outraged. He stood by the garage door barking continuously and very loud, I might add. He was shaking uncontrollably and wouldn’t even look at me or let me touch him. I leave his emotional self alone and after a long 40 minutes goes by, the yellow lab’s owner shows up. I thought, great, things can go back to normal. Was I ever wrong. Toaster went out to my car and marked every single one of my tires, he sniffed the whole perimeter of the car and entire garage, and made sure that dog was long gone.

Red long hair dachshund walking

He then went back inside after thoroughly inspecting the scene and clung to my mom, shaking like crazy and breathing heavily. Clearly sighing with disgust towards me, he wouldn’t let me touch him, look at him, even talk to him. He basically disowned me for four days. It was a long four days. I was completely devastated. No sleeping with me, or watching tv by my side. He wouldn’t even take a snack from me. My little side kick left me high and dry. I tried to do everything I could to regain his love and respect! Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. It was all so tragic. I know I’m not going to repeat that move ever again! Wow, what a little drama dachshund. 

Red long hair dachshund. Toaster

Despite being a cranky old man, I do love him to pieces. He’s my bestest little dachshund!

Are your dachshunds pretty chill, or do you have some high strung personalities?

Also, if you’d like to read more about Toaster you can find more fun stories here and here

Two long hair dachshunds.

Black standard poodle and two dachshunds sun bathing


Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dachshund!

Dachshunds are full of attitude and personality. Every day is a new adventure with this guy. Come check him out at www.sweetchatter.com



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24 Replies to “Dachshund Days – Toaster and His Attitude”

  1. What a cutie!!! I used to have 2 dachshunds, it’s actually the first breed of dogs I ever owned. One’s name is Odie and the other is Toffee. They’re absolutely sweet and adorable and they’re very protective too!

  2. What a cutie. But I have to admit that you made me feel better. I don’t own a dog, but I have a cat. She’s was a stray and I took her in when she was about a month old. Well, she grew, of course, she is 4 years old now, and if she sees me petting another cat outside she will refuse to come back inside. After that, she will just bite me or scratch me if I want to pet her. So she has an attitude as well. But I love her no matter what.

  3. I sometimes dog sit for a friend who has a mini dachshund and she indeed has her own personality. She has her own bed and she is not allowed to come into the human’s one, but every morning I wake up with her under the blanket. She sneaks so gently that I never hear or feel her, haha.

    1. That’s so funny, it’s where they like to be – mine sleeps under the covers all night!

  4. I’m a doxie owner, too. Reading about the tire marking made me realize I’m not the only one. Deano doesn’t like strangers in our home and if they have a pet of their own, he can smell them and also marks his territory. Ugghh! They can be stubborn but they are also so loyal and sweet. Deano is our second Dachshund. Leia was our first and I still miss her so much!

  5. Omg toastie is so freakin cute !! I can attest to their zesty and sassy attitudes but hey they sound just like me 🙂

  6. I agree they are lovable and have minds of their own! My In-laws have two and they love to go fishing. one is older and he doesn’t do well around kids but the other one will let the kids pet him all day long as long.

  7. Dachshunds are awesome dogs. Love your photos. Too funny “they are little walking hotdogs”. Our yorkie Jake is sometimes a cranky “old man” too. But we love him to pieces.

  8. He is very cute! That’s so funny. I love the pic of your little guy and your dog very much. Thanks for sharing

  9. Omg! I’ve been wanting one too but maltese took over my heart. I love all your photos, real love for our besties!

  10. Hey Chelsea, I found you via BTC. I really enjoyed your story! But, who can resist a cute animal story!! Not this animal lover! I pet sit for a couple who have a number of doggies and kitties. One of them is a long-haired dachshund named Max. He looks very much like your Toaster. He’s a love—my buddy. All their dogs seem to love me, but Max really is my buddy…he stays close to me. When we’re on the couch, he comes and lays his head on my lap! Pets make life so sweet!

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