Easy Cash Back With ‘Ibotta’ on Everyday Purchases!

Ibotta Cash Back App

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Ibotta! It is simply amazing – such an exceptional (CASH BACK) app that I love using for everyday purchases – in-store and online, and it’s completely FREE offering cash back, substantial cash back for some! It’s an app that definitely thinks of you and is well worth the small effort and time to use it. It’s quite fun to use!

Use it diligently, use it wisely and watch the cash earnings add up quickly. Many make $20, $30, $50 – but many make hundreds ($100’s) of dollars a month! That covers bills, groceries, gas or save it for a vacation! It comes down to how you use it and how often.

After trying many different cash back websites and apps, I dub this one the winner! The best way to use it is to search for offers when writing your grocery list. Then you can maximize your earnings for that trip.

How do you use it?

The first step is to download it – get it here!

Next, fill out your profile (which will just take a minute).

Then, start looking for offers! This is where you can choose the store or stores you are heading to and write a list from the offers available. This will maximize your cash back earnings big time. I do not earn hundreds a month, but I earn a fair amount for buying only the things I want and need.

After in-store purchases upload your receipt and watch your cash back add up! You can also connect loyalty cards to stores that use these and bypass uploading a receipt, and you can also shop through the Ibotta app online.

I want to wait a whole year and then cash out – I like to see my savings add up!

Useful Tips

  • Some products offer a free after offer. This mean after you buy the product it will become available again in your offers in a day or so. This was so convenient just a few weeks ago with a yogurt brand we are loyal to. My daughter flies through the yogurt and I find myself buying it every few days. I earned so much cash back, just from this one product with a free after offer!
  • Teamwork: Give your friends and family your referral code and when they sign up with it they become your teammates. When you use the app and so do they, you both win. When tasks are met from each team member additional cash back is awarded to you.
  • If you shop at a store that has a loyalty card you can link it directly to Ibotta! Items in your offers that you purchase are immediately recorded at checkout and cash is deposited to your account. Easy huh!
  • Shop online through the Ibotta app from your favorite retailers and earn even more!
  • Search Featured Bonuses! Head to your “Earn More” icon and you will find all the bonuses there. There is an array of different bonuses that you can complete and earn even more. Make sure to check it out because there is something for everyone.
  • Any Brand offers: Some of the items get pretty specific and as you look through you see items offered you would never dream of buying. Well Ibotta keeps me hooked by their “Any Brand” offers. You need bread, but you don’t buy Dave’s Killer Bread that’s offered – you just want your bread you always buy. That’s ok – with the “Any Brand” offers, you can purchase any kind of bread and get cash back. It’s not as much as a specific brand, but you still feel good you get to get cash back on the bread you like!
  • The “Any Item” offer – this offer pops up every few days and it’s not much – $.10, maybe $.20, but you get it on top of everything else. So, make sure to always look for this in your offers as well.
  • Shop wisely and watch your earnings add up!

To me, it’s not a hassle because it is so fun to use! You must try it today!

It’s so Rewarding!

I started using Ibotta not too long ago, about 6 months now, but I am hooked. I don’t think there is a day that goes by I don’t at least open up the app and look at it, if not use it. Not only do I get what I need, but it’s interactive and so fun to use… and the best part – rewarding, so REWARDING!

It works in over 300 of the biggest most popular retail chains, restaurants, movie theaters, convenience stores, home improvement centers, pet stores and pharmacies all across the nation. This means you don’t have to go searching for offers – they are right there for you, easy to find in-store or online. A lot of them popular items you use all the time.    

I Bought a…

Ibotta is short for “I bought a…” That means, tell your family and friends your awesome finds. When they win, you win with Ibotta! Ibotta has paid out more than $500 million in cash back to it’s users – that’s crazy… awesome! You can be part of it! No wonder it is one of the most frequently used shopping apps in the United States. The app is free and so easy to use.

It also connects brands, retailers and consumers through mobile technology. If you are smartphone savvy, this is for you! …and if you are not, don’t worry, it’s so easy to learn and use. Don’t wait because you are missing out on valuable cash back, just for shopping!

I am hooked and I am sure it won’t take you long too!

Browse the many offers and start shopping. It only takes but a second to start stacking up some cash! Get the app right here right now!

Ibotta Cash Back App

Let me know how it goes!

Keep it Sweet and Chatter!

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