Egg Seed Bombs: Fun Kids Project!

My girls and I are always looking for a fun art project. Wether it be making a fun home decoration or fun outdoor activity, we love making them and spending time together. So for this time around, as Springtime is here, we decided to make egg seed bombs! Colorful eggs that we will make only to break, that contain lots of tiny seeds that will grow into beautiful colorful plants. I thought this would be a fun interactive project and one that they would be excited about all throughout the summer. Something we will revisit everyday to nurture and water the seeds and plants as they grow. They get to learn as well and see the process of a plant growing from just a tiny little seed that filled their eggs, that they individually got to pick out, to a full grown plant.

At the store, I let them pick any kind of seeds – within reason. My oldest, Hope, picked a couple vegetable packets and the rest, including Grace’s picks were flowers. Wildflowers are the most ideal though.

I heard someone talking about this fun project one day and I decided this would be an awesome project that my girls and I just had to try!

There are so many different ways to make egg seed bombs, and we decided to make this project our own.

Items you’ll need to make these fun eggs:

  • White eggs
  • Markers to decorate eggs – I used permeant Sharpies
  • Tissue paper – any color
  • White glue
  • Seeds – anything works, but preferably wildflowers – I let my girls each pick them out and they were all over the board with what they chose

We started with eggs – a dozen white eggs.

I made a hole in the top of each egg, washed them and let them dry. To make the hole, I used a sharp pairing knife and poked the top gently until the knife broke the surface just a bit. I then wiggled the knife around to crack just enough of the top to make a small hole. You don’t have to make it too tiny though.

Next I gave each of my girls six eggs to decorate with markers. I let them use permeant markers, but told them to be EXTRA careful! They had so much fun making them their own! Giggling and laughing the whole time.

We then opened all of the seed packets and poured them in a bowl and mixed them all together. They were just in awe looking at all the different sizes and shapes of the seeds they chose.

Next, to my girl’s excitement, I helped pour the seeds into each egg.

We sadly did have some casualties though. My youngest couldn’t just hold the eggs – she had to try and squeeze and crunch them up with her little fingers! I think we lost four…? This made my four year old a bit cranky, but she eventually loosened up and thought it was silly. She did have to let her know that she only had two eggs left!

After the decorating and placing the seeds inside the shells, I showed Hope how to cut a tiny square from the tissue paper that would cover the hole. She did this so well!

Next, it was time to seal it up. We placed some glue in a small bowl and used our fingers to rub the glue around the opening and placed, pressed and sealed the tissue square over the hole.

They are finally done and next, the fun part! Throw or smash the eggs in a designated wildflower miscellaneous garden where anything goes. We have a smaller raised flower bed I have designated just for this. We went outside and the girls threw and smashed the eggs all over the place and had so much fun. Watering the seeds came next which is just as fun and mommy might have been sprayed a few times too!

Egg seed bombs are a new tradition for years to come! Not only is it fun, but it’s good for the environment too and bumble bees particularly love these mixed wildflower gardens the best!


Live life in full bloom! 


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  1. This is awesome! I had no idea you guys had a blog 🙂 Loved reading about this, and I loved seeing the patch, cause Ella wears the same ones! Love you guys!


    1. Thank you so much! We have really enjoyed blogging 🙂 Hope you all are well! Miss you guys!

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