Football Cake Balls – The Perfect Super Bowl Ending


The Super Bowl is in just a couple of weeks and everyone knows it’s mostly about football but ALL about the food! (At least for me.) You just can’t have a super bowl party without it! Especially a little something sweet to end it all! Something that can be easily eaten, no more than two bites, non-messy with easy clean up. That something is a cake ball, a football shaped cake ball!

Football Cake Balls on a bed of green sprinkles

After all the savory snacking, a sweet dessert is always in need to top off the meal! These football cake balls can be a cute centerpiece and a fun way to incorporate the football theme. Not only are they great for the Super Bowl, but can be made during the entire season. Don’t be intimidated, they’re not hard to put together. 

Quote. Sweet cake enrobed in chocolate = Heaven.

Sweet cake enrobed in chocolate…heaven! All they take is a bit of cake, icing and chocolate. 

Let’s Start Making Some Football Cake Balls

To begin, make you favorite cake recipe or box mix. Here are my favorite recipes to get you started. 

Very Best Chocolate Cake

Amazing Red Velvet Cake 

The Best White Cake

Cake! Chocolate Cake!

Chocolate cake! Who doesn’t love chocolate cake? (My husband…but he’s weird like that!) I personally am in complete love with it, so needless to say, that’s what my cake balls are made of! If you’re feeling vanilla, add food coloring to support your favorite team!

Cake crumbs and icing in bowls

Time to Add Icing

Once the cake is out of the oven and cool, crumble it up into a large bowl. Next, add a bit of icing. I just used plain vanilla buttercream. As always, store bought is fine too, but here are a few recipes that are easy enough to whip up quickly! 

Traditional American Buttercream

Ooey Gooey Chocolate Icing 

Cream Cheese Buttercream

The icing is what binds the cake crumbs together. Contrary to what many believe, you won’t need a whole lot. Start by adding a half cup. Mix into the crumbs thoroughly. It should resemble the consistency of cookie dough. If not, keep adding icing by the spoonful until the correct consistency is achieved. Then, with a portion scoop, scoop out equal portions of cake and place into a parchment lined cookie sheet.

Portioned cake pops

Now it’s time to shape them like a football. Roll into a ball and then roll the edges out to a point to achieve a football or lemon shape. TaDa, you’ve got football cake balls! At this point, pop them into the freezer for about a half an hour to an hour.

Football shaped cake balls cake

While chilling, prepare the dipping chocolate. I like to use a higher quality dark chocolate (this offsets the over-the-top sweetness of the cake and icing), although any is delicious! Here’s a take on different chocolates.

Chocolate Types

Chocolate disks or bars  I’m not talking about Hershey’s. I used Lindt, although there are other great brands as well. It melts like butter. It’s extra smooth, so velvety, creamy with a thin viscosity when melted. So easy to work with!

Chocolate chips They work great, but I do find them to be a bit thick and finicky at times. Add a bit of coconut oil to thin it out if necessary.

Candy melts They work well too, although I personally don’t like to use them. They always taste waxy and aren’t very tasty. It’s not even really chocolate. Just a lot of hydrogenated palm oil and other oils, artificial ingredients and maybe a bit of chocolate for flavor. 

Time to Cover in Chocolate

Anyway, choose your chocolate and melt it until is smooth. Take the footballs out of the freezer. Insert lollipop sticks if you’re making cake pops or insert a toothpick in the bottom and begin dipping each ball carefully. Place onto parchment paper and remove the toothpick quickly.

Football cake balls

Once dry, add the embellishments. Take a small piping bag fitted with a small round tip filled with melted white chocolate. Pipe on the iconic football design and then your done! It’s time to enjoy the game, your friends, family, and especially all the delicious food and treats!

Football cake balls

Finishing Up

To sum it up, all you need for these football cake balls are:

Cake (any flavor)

Icing (any flavor)

Chocolate (dark and white)

That’s it! Have a fun and happy Super Bowl. Hope your team wins!!! 


I’ve been training all football season to eat at a Super Bowl party level! 

Football cake balls - the perfect ending to a game. They’re two bite, non messy, poppable deliciousness. The best dessert ever. Cake enrobed in chocolate is always a winner!

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