A Fun Day at the Zoo!

This past weekend my family – my twin sister and her family, my younger sister and her boyfriend and my parents all went to the zoo! This made for such a blast for my oldest daughter Hope. At age three, she could not have dreamed of a better day! 

Not only did the zoo have all of its normal and usual animals and activities, but it had an awesome special event just for kids! They we’re asked to bring their favorite stuffed animal and essentially bring it to the “doctor” for a check up. Hope brought her most prized stuffed animal Spirit, her brown horse she carried around in her “pack pack.” 


We started our day with feeding the giraffes and elephants! It is never a dull moment, and one of my personal favorites too. Both animals are so majestic and grand (the giraffe with an extra long purple scratchy tongue and the elephants with their awesome trunks) and one day I would love to see them in the wild! 







We then saw an array of different animals big and small – lions, rhinos, African porcupine, meerkats, zebras, red river hogs, wallabies and then the budgie buddies (a variety of friendly birds – parrots and parakeets). We were able to feed these as well which is one of Hope’s absolute favorites – you can just tell from the excited expression on her face in every photo I took!

After the reptile exhibit, Asian Highlands and Our Backyard we ended at the “doctor.” With excitement we waited in line to see a nurse who asked many questions about Spirit’s health and happiness. She found that he was perfectly healthy except for the scratch Hope pointed out that required only a bandaid! He faired well as there were so many animals that needed casts for a broken bone. There were too many poor giraffes to count with bandaged up necks! This was a fun time for all and she was also given a few keepsake items to keep Spirit healthy and loved. 

After the Zoo I asked Hope how Spirit like the zoo and she said she didn’t know – “he was zipped up in my pack pack and couldn’t see!”

All in all, it was a fun filled day full of lasting memories! 


Family is a gift that lasts forever

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