Geode Cake Tutorial – Anyone Can Make This!

My birthday was last week (my sisters was too since we’re twins and stuff) and it’s tradition to make my own cake (or, our cake…I suppose I can share; we usually party together!) This year I decided to make the hot cake fad that’s trending right now, the geode cake. It’s a cake with a vein of “crystals” cut into the side. Quite gorgeous if you’d ask me! And WAY easier to make than I had originally thought. All you need is an iced cake, rock candy, luster dust and a small bit of vodka!

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For those not too cake savvy, but want a strikingly attractive cake made yourself, give this a try. It’s really not that hard to make. I’ll take you step by step, but first, make a stop at your favorite craft store and pick up a few essential items before you begin.

You will need:
– Rock candy, any color
– Gold and pearl luster dust
– Food color to match rock candy
– Small paint brush
– Vodka
– Small offset spatula

First things first, you need a cake. Start by making your favorite cake. From scratch or box, it doesn’t matter! I have great recipes for a chocolate cake or white cake you’ll need to try out! Bake it, cool it and stack it. You decide on your favorite flavor cake and filling if you desire one. I just went simple and used a 6” white cake layered with vanilla buttercream.

Second order of business is to ice your entire cake as smooth as you can get it. Again, make it or buy it! I have a fabulous buttercream recipe right here! Ice it white or make it a color to complement your rock candy. Pink was my choice color for this particular cake. Once it’s perfect, place it in the freezer for a few minutes to harden up the icing.

If you’re pressed for time or not into the baking scene, I have seen Target sell a simple plain iced cake you can customize yourself. Buy it and immediately get to decorating! The fun part!

Thirdly, take a knife and slice out a slight crevasse or vein out of the side of the cake. There is really no right or wrong way, no certain dimensions. Remove the excess cake and ice the exposed cake, with your small offset spatula, so the rock candy will adhere properly.

The hard part is done, and now it’s time to decorate! Gently shatter the rock candy off the sticks and place into a bowl. Toss it with a bit of pearl luster dust to give it a beautiful sheen.

Pick out the most gorgeous pieces and place snuggly next to each other making sure the vein is thoroughly covered from edge to edge. Start with larger pieces and fill in with the smaller ones making sure no icing is showing.

Once appealing to your standards, get out your gold luster dust. Mix it up with a bit of vodka to make an edible paint. At this point, place your cake into the freezer for about five minutes until the icing is hardened again. This is so the surface is hardened and you won’t damage the icing with your paint brush. Take the cake out of the freezer and immediately start painting around the edge of the candy carefully. You can stop there and have a beautiful cake, or I painted wispy strokes over the whole cake to give it a gold sheen and extra texture. I love the look with the pink icing peeking through. I then completed the look with fresh flowers to match. Ta-da! You have a beautiful and delicious cake to display and serve to your guests!

Anyone can make this cake. It’s really not too hard. Just a little dedicated time and attention and you will look like a pro! Let me know how yours turns out! Get creative and have fun!

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”Romance is the icing but love is the cake.” 

Julia Child




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  2. Hi, I like your post. I recently published an post on storing food. I like to make my own meat for New Year!. I will be creating a fun pudding to go with it. The children will be off school and I am sure they are going to enjoy it.

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