Giving Thanks – 9 Simple Phrases That Mean The Most This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year! I love the whole “feel” of the season. It’s happy, fun and all about the food and most of all – friends and family. It makes you think, reflect and ask yourself if you are really the person you have always wanted to be in every aspect of life. This season naturally brings these kind of thoughts into your head.

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I have found that giving thanks stems from the simplest of phrases. They are like a tiny seed. These phrases are made up of just a few short words and they appear small and almost meaningless until you define them with your own life experiences and stories. These seeds are tiny, but they are actually jam packed with meaning that bloom with time, experiences and relationships and they grow roots that are steadfast and give life truth and meaning.

I have listed 9 simple phrases that you have most certainly heard before. This time tough, stop and really think about them with your own life. Suddenly, they are so much more than a nagging and repetitive saying you always see or hear.

Giving Thanks

The simplest things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving:

  • Enjoy the little things: This is huge! Life is made up of a bunch of tiny moments and things and if you don’t watch it, (literally!) you will miss it. Right now, one of my favorite things is when my two year old daughter tells me she loves me. She is so enthusiastic and it’s so cute and touches my heart every time. She will, out of the blue, tell me, “I love you… oh much… all times!” My four year old will pick me the teeny tiniest purple flowers that she finds in lawns of houses that we pass on our walks to the park. It’s easy to shrug it off and hold them for a bit and drop them, but it absolutely makes her day when I carry them all the way home and place them in a bowl of water. It makes her feel so important and so very loved that I kept them. Something so small can make such a huge impact on her and I love the feeling of making her feel so loved!
  • Enjoy the time that is given to you: When I hear this, all I can think about is the line said by Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings movie. I remember watching the movie and hearing this line …all you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you. I wrote it down because it is so true. Everyday is packed full of decisions and we, as individuals, get to choose how we use each and every minute – how we react to every situation, how we solve problems, how we treat others, how to pursue our dreams. It is a direct refection on us. I was talking to a co-worker the other day and I asked how his day was and he said it was good. He then proceeded to tell me he has no bad days because it is a waste of time. Granted, he said there are moments that are bad, but you can’t let them ruin an entire day – it is a total waste of time. I agree! Try to pack your days full of goodness and strength and tell at least one person a compliment everyday – it goes a long way! …and on a side note, I love Lord of the Rings even if my husband and sisters and mom don’t like it… (ugh!) but everyone is different right!
  • Be present: Live right now! Don’t live in the past, just learn or be happy for the awesome times that did happen and don’t live worrying about the future. You can’t get to that future you want without living now!
  • Count your blessings: First you have to know what they are and learn how to use them. I guess what I am trying to say is find those things that you take for granted and turn them into a blessing. Your mom and dad, your husband, your kids, your hobbies, your job… They are all very binding, but in the end, these things are what give life meaning.
  • Steward what you currently have well: I can imagine this is hard for anyone. We are a generation – not even just my generation – we as people, all people, have the bad case of the wants. It’s not just toddlers! At least, as parents, we can flat out tell them “no.” As adults though, most of the time, we don’t have anyone standing over our shoulder telling us “no!” We, most of the time, have to willing make a conscience decision to make the right decision for the right reasons. I think a lot of times we fail miserably. We make the wrong decision for the seemingly (we talked ourselves into) justifiable right reasons. I am sure at least a few others can relate?! Stewarding what we have well can lead to less stress and bigger rewards. For example, if you save a little along the way now and say “no” to things you might want that aren’t needed, you might not have to think twice about going on that vacation you so need next year or you can tell your family you’ll be able to come for the holidays! Tis’ the season! Delayed gratification. Or, it’s like training for a race. If you make the time to train everyday as opposed to once a week or less, you’ll run the race victoriously instead if being disappointed telling yourself you should have…! I can’t say that me or my family are great in this area, but it’s something I so want and want to teach my girls in every aspect of life!
  • Grateful heart: A grateful heart is key even in the not so great situations. I love the saying – not every situation is good, but there is good in every situation. Find the good and focus on that. It’s not to say you can’t be mad or sad, but finding the good can at least make the moment better and potentially turn bad to good.
  • Food: Good and bad, I am thankful for it everyday! I want it and I need it and without it… no one would be here!
  • Friends and Family: Oh, I could not live without them. They are what make life worth living!
  • God: This is a huge on for me personally. Not only am I thankful for him, but I thank him for everything I have!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


There is always something to be thankful for!


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