Stunning Glitter Paintings: How To Create Your Own

Spirit Riding Free: Glitter Painting

Sparkles & Shine

Glitter painting is one of my favorite ways to spend some of my down time. To me, it’s relaxing and allows me to get really creative and make something beautiful. I finished my first one approximately ten years ago and it turned out so well I was hooked. It takes time and a lot of patience, but the end piece is nothing less than awesome and something that can be admired for years to come. They are just so fun to look at too – all the different colored sparkles that glitter in the different lights throughout the course of the day!

You can make just about anything and they make the best gifts! Hint, hint…Christmas!

Glitter and sparkles are my favorite! Not just for art and my glitter paintings – if it was professional to use on everything, I would! It’s so mesmerizing and beautiful and just makes me happy.

Like I stated above, glitter paintings take some time and patience to complete, especially depending on how intricate the picture is you want to make. It can get a bit messy too since you are dealing with glue and lots and lots of loose glitter. It is a good project to make sure your young kids stay away from. I made the mistake of letting my kids watch – little hands can’t help but touch the glitter! It then spilled on them, the floor and then it gets stepped in and carried all over the house. You do a load of laundry with their glittery cloths and EVERYTHING comes out with glitter on it. It’s hard to clean. It kind of just spreads and spreads until eventually disappears… months later!

This is my cautionary disclaimer to you. I like glitter – no, I love it, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes there are places you just don’t want it!

Back to the Glitter Painting

Picking a picture is probably the most important step. Most pictures I make are 4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″ – they seem to be just the right size. Any smaller and the details are too hard to make with the glitter and any bigger, it just takes more glitter to blend and more time.

Pick a picture that has some detail, but not an overwhelming amount. A lot of the pictures that I have made are actually pictures I have taken and some are just a simple Google search. The particular picture I am doing for this post is a horse for my oldest daughter. Spirit, from the Netflix show, Spirit Riding Free. She absolutely loves it and I can’t wait to make this glitter painting for her!

Getting Started

First, make sure you have everything you need before you sit down to start:

  • The picture you want to create ( make sure it is printed on card stock paper because you need the thicker paper – regular paper will wrinkle and bend too much as the glue dries)
  • All the glitter you need – I bought a bunch of different colors in a 24 pack sold at Hobby Lobby and have also accumulated different glitters and colors over the years. As I have done more, I’m glad for the wider range of colors

Supplies for Glitter Painting

  • Large paper such as newspaper to do the art project on and to catch loose glitter – I also use a regular piece of paper folded in half to pour the glitter on after use so I can pour it back into its container easily and more cleanly
  • Glue – I like use a general clear tacky glue, I like the thickness of it
  • Small paint brushes
  • Toothpicks for the smaller details
  • Picture frame (optional)

To start, lay out your project paper and line up your glitters! Take your picture and decide where to start. I like to start towards the middle. It’s a good place to start because you can pour the glitter off without crossing over another color. Start painting the glue where you want the particular color of glitter and then pour on the glitter and shake it off. Then repeat over and over again until your painting is done. I have found that painting the glue in small sections works better than trying to cover a lot of surface area at once. It makes for a more consistent glitter coat. For the small details such as the eyes and eyebrows in my painting the toothpick is best to use. Just put a little glue on the tip place it where you want it very gently.

Glitter Painting

As your painting is getting done, don’t be afraid to make touch ups and put second coats on. You want every bit of paper to be covered!

Next, let your painting dry for a good few hours to make sure all the glue has set and is completely dry. At this time you can then put it in a picture frame if you so desire.

Finished glitter painting

Glitter Paintings Make Fun Gifts for Anyone

These are fun and make great gifts for anyone. The first one I ever made was from a picture that I had taken of the Golden Gate Bridge. I gave it to my boyfriend at the time – now husband – as a gift. The Golden Gate was one of our favorite spots to go and just walk and talk and we still have that glitter painting hanging in our living room. This is still probably my favorite glitter painting I have ever made.

The second one I made was for my dad – a picture of our little dachshund, Alex. It’s a picture that I took of him on the beach in Texas one year we went to visit my Granny and Grandpa for Christmas. Alex passed away about 9 years ago now, but it’s a painting near and dear to my heart.

Dachshund Glitter Painting

I also made a silly glitter paining of my parents current dachshund, Owen, when he was a puppy. This is one of my favorites too.

For my sister, I made dachshunds and glittery lips for her “lips” guest room. So cute!

Dachshund Glitter PaintingLips Glitter Painting

Make sure to take your time and make them perfect. The feeling is great when you finish and anyone one you give one to can’t help but smile!


Glitter is always an option!  

Glitter Painting

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