Grammarly: Why You NEED It For Anything You Write

Why You Need Grammarly: Keyboard

If you write anything, anything at all, GRAMMARLY IS A MUST!!!

This post was proofread by Grammarly

The World’s Best Automated Proofreader

The best part is you get to try it free! It is the best out there with over 15 million people that use it to improve their writing.

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Here’s Where It Helps

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Plagiarism
  • Punctuation
  • Formality
  • Vocabulary
  • Conciseness

Good grammar is so important on so many levels. I see so many different pieces of writing weekly that make me cringe. They have grammar errors galore, which is something that can be 100% avoided! Cue Grammarly! 

Grammarly Writing Support

Grammarly is much more than spell check which is important for sure, but your grammar can make or brake you. It is here to help you grow and seize the opportunities presented to you in the most professional way.

Why You Need Grammarly: Keyboard

It can help you be the best you on paper (or your screens) that you can be! Even if you are a great writer, everyone makes mistakes! Grammarly, once again, is here to save the day! It will help you present whatever you are writing, whether professional or personal, in the best way.  From a cover letter for your dream job to a personal Facebook post, Grammarly has your back! 

My Personal Experience

I have first-hand personal experience. Starting my blog about a year and a half ago, I didn’t quite understand the importance of good grammar. I knew I wanted all my written work to be correct, professional and stand out, which I did to the best of my knowledge. I was looking to work with more brands and media outlets and the bites just weren’t happening and I wasn’t sure how to move forward. After hearing about Grammarly, I was intrigued.

It helped me produce work in a much more professional way and become the grammar master I wanted to be!

The #1 Writing Tool

Good grammar shows that you care and people can see that just from a few well-written words. Let’s say you were applying for your dream job. You definitely want your resume and cover letter to be perfect and nothing less than outstanding. I know I would! Well, let’s say they were fantastic! However, the employer researched more about you and came across articles you had written, posts on Facebook or Instagram that were less than par. Not good – not good at all! Your awesome first impression just tanked. How can this employer rely on you to keep yourself at the high standard of written communication day in and day out if they have seen your lack of care in other areas? Everything you do affects everything else around you. So, put your best you out there all the time!

Be The Best You Can Be

If you are going to share something with the world, at least make sure it is well written with perfect grammar. People will enjoy the content of a well-written article or post, but on the other hand, when there are grammar errors it tarnishes the integrity of the written content. What then is remembered is how the author did not check their work.

Why You Need Grammarly: Keyboard

Grammarly not only helps you along the way, but it teaches you. You can see what’s wrong and what’s recommended as a change and know for the next time you write. You will see yourself grow in knowledge and get better at recognizing what good grammar looks like over time! 

I have personal experience with Grammarly and use it for every written piece others can read. It holds me to a high standard and I love it!

You must try Grammarly today and see how it will change the outcome of your written side of life!

Always put your best foot forward!


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