Happy Holidays from our Families to Yours!

Happy Holidays from our families to yours!

It’s Courtney speaking (on behalf of Chelsea too) and I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays from our families to yours!

I know Thanksgiving has come and gone, but I feel like it starts the whole season off on the right foot. It’s a day that fills you to the brim with delicious decadent foods. I know I can’t stop eating on Thanksgiving. I get so overly stuffed I feel like I won’t be able to eat for days. I say that, but if you are anything like me, you wake up the next day starving like always! Leftovers are the best!

It’s a season filled with family, friends and reminds us what it is to be thankful and to reflect upon the last year. We can certainly get caught up with thoughts like there are so many people that have so much more. If we just pause and think of all that we have – there are a lot more people out there that have a lot less. Just knowing this allows me to wake up each morning being thankful and I try to carry it throughout the rest of the day – everyday.

Thanksgiving is such an important holiday. To me, it sets the tone of the holiday season! It’s gotten kind of buried though and seems to be a shadow of Christmas. Especially in the retail industry. It used to be the day after Thanksgiving, and boom, it’s Christmas! Now it’s the day after Halloween. That’s what it seriously feels like. I just can’t do it that early though – maybe some of you can relate? I just can’t turn on Christmas music or decorate until the day after Thanksgiving.

Regardless of when it starts, the holidays are about family! We had a great time this Thanksgiving with my family, Chelsea’s family, my younger sister, parents and some family friends. It was a fun weekend! Thanksgiving was completely awesome – family, food and all.

On Black Friday, I love to go shopping, but not crazy shopping like wake up super early. I just like to go to the mall with all the other Holidays goers and go out to lunch – I just love it!

Friday night we decided to do something all together as a family with everyone that was indoors. We decided to fish bowl at Bass Pro Shop. It was a good time!

Saturday, we spent the day putting up our Christmas Tree and decorations complete with all family members sipping a large mug of hot chocolate and maybe some little fingers sneaking and eating all the marshmallows…!

Now I just need to shop shop shop and wrap  wrap wrap and enjoy the Christmas season! Chelsea’s husband was on deployment last year during the holidays, so I know her family is glad he’s home this year! He was certainly missed last year. It’ll be extra special spending it with his little guy!

What do you like about Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season?


Thankful. Grateful. Blessed. 

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