Pumpkins and Fun…Harvest Festival Time! 

This past weekend my family and I had a blast at a nearby Harvest Festival! My oldest daughter, Hope, couldn’t get enough. It was so exciting for her and had endless things to see and do! When we first walked in we purchased our tickets that included picking out a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. Realizing there was more to this festival then searching for the perfect pumpkin, Hope quickly scanned all the many activities and couldn’t believe her eyes.  There as so much to do in so little time. What to do first?
She decided to do the first thing we saw which was harvest bowling. She did this for awhile with my husband, Chris, while I took my youngest daughter, Grace, to swing on the tractor which was made from a single tire. It was a neat little invention.

Next we headed to see the brown fuzzy pony. Hope had her eye on him since we arrived. The highlight of the day. Of course they had a few other animals, but when you’re obsessed with ponies, there’s no time or need to see the other animals!  The pony was where it was at! For hours! We stood in front of its pin forever with Hope talking to “Spirit.” His actual name was Buttercup though. Hope is absolutely in love with the Netflix Original Series right now – Spirit Riding Free. She loves any type of horse in general too. Every brown horse or pony we see is named “Spirit.” She stood there just talking and telling him how much she loved him and wanted to give him a bath and feed him and ride him. She was so sweet! I stood there with Hope while Chris and Grace scoped out the rest of the activities. When they came back we finally convinced Hope (after many unsuccessful tries) to participate in a different activity.

Next was a huge trough of dried corn kernels Hope and Grace could jump into and play in. So fun! Lastly, Hope found and slid down a slide 50 or so times which was made of hay bales and a large black pipe.

We then tried to take a cute picture of both girls which didn’t pan out too well. Too big of a day for some little girls! Before we left we picked the perfect pumpkin which was a very, very hard decision. Hope had to analyze each and every pumpkin twice over on each and every row (exhausting).

We then shot some tennis balls from a sling shot aiming for the center of a few different tires. By this time it was getting chilly and becoming dusk. We said it was time to go, but not before seeing “Spirit” one last time and telling him a sad goodbye. That was the hardest part. Her eyes watered as she walked away, but said she’d be back to see him soon!

It was a blast and we know now where we want to head to year after year!

When we got home, Chris helped Hope carve Spirit into her pumpkin! She couldn’t have been happier.

It was coming close to bedtime and Hope looked lost in thought. I asked her if she was ok and she said “it was the funnest day, I want to do it again!”


I love Fall most of all…!

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