Homemade Frozen Fruit Sparkling Spritzers You’ll Love

Frozen Fruit Sparkling Spritzer

I love a nice refreshing drink to relax with or to share with friends or family – with a pop of bubbly flavor that’s also healthy I might add! I wanted to create something similar to a fun mocktail, but without all the added extra sugars. Mocktails are yummy, but not something you would necessarily want to drink all the time.

I wanted something for anytime of the day from breakfast to an afternoon snack to dinnertime – for all these and in between. Something different from a traditional smoothie and not just a bottle of flavored sparkling water. So, I created my frozen fruit sparkling spritzer! It’s got the natural fruit flavors you want with some bubbles and fizz, which I absolutely love!

You will definitely want to share these sparkling spritzers with your friends and family. They are great for a party or gathering, and kids absolutely love them too. Guests can even spoon in their desired fruits themselves and add just the right amount of sparkling water!

These are extra tasty and just as simple to make. The combinations that can be made are endless. I purchased frozen sweet strawberries, pineapple and wild blueberries – some of my all time favorites by themselves and together. I have tried these a few times and anything with pineapple wins for me!

What You Will Need

  • Frozen Strawberries
  • Frozen Pineapple Chunks
  • Frozen Wild Blueberries
  • Food Processor
  • Bottle of Sparkling Water
  • Glassware – get fancy if you desire!
  • Mint (optional)

How It’s Made

First, start by taking all your frozen fruits you’d like to use out of your freezer. Fresh fruit is also definitely an option, the texture will just be a bit different and more runny. Next, place your desired amount of one kind of fruit in the food processor. For one person, I use about a half of a cup. If by chance your fruit is a bit on the tart side, you may add a little pinch of sugar or a bit of honey if you so desire just to sweeten it up a bit. Cater it to what you like best.

I have found that the food processor purees the fruit to the perfect consistency that I am looking for. A blender can be used, however, I find with mine at least, that I have to use some water to thin it out a bit to blend properly. No harm in that though. A food processor, bender or stick blender will get the job done nicely.

I puree the three fruits I have and place them in individual bowls. This is where you can get creative by mixing some of your purees together. Pull out your glass and you can keep it simple and add one kind of fruit or add a mixture. Whatever you prefer!

Also, depending on how intense you want the fruit flavor to shine though you can add very little or use a lot of fruit. If you have some puree left over it’s not a problem. Cover it and place it in the fridge to use for another fruit spritzer in the next couple of days!

After placing your desired amount in your glass, fill the remainder of your cup with sparkling water. Garnish with matching fruits or fresh mint.

…and you are finished. It’s that simple!

Super easy, super simple, fantastically refreshing!

These frozen fruit sparkling spritzers are so amazing! To me they taste like a treat, but they are guilt free. You cannot go wrong with that!

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Eat well. Live well. Be well

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