Hope’s Horse, Pony, Unicorn 4th Birthday Party!

Birthday’s are a big deal… especially when you’re turning four! Then it is a BIG DEAL!

My daughter’s 4th birthday was just a few days ago and to say the least she had a blast. We had a party for her the day before her actual birthday and on her actual birthday, we had fun too.

Back to the party though. My daughter Hope decided she wanted a Spirit Riding Free Horse (from the Netflix original series) – My Little Pony (Applejack only!) – unicorn birthday party. Not too detailed you know…! It really was hard though finding anything to go with that theme surprisingly. Her first choice was definitely Spirit, the horse, then Applejack. She likes unicorns, but not like her favorite horse, Spirit.

I couldn’t find a Spirit theme, let alone, a generic horse theme. I searched every store I thought might have something – Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and even Party City. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Most had a western theme with cowboy hats and cow print, but nothing with just horses. …and I certainly couldn’t find My Little Pony items with just Applejack. Next, I tried online to find horses – I did end up finding some horse plates, cups and napkins that I purchased. It was as close as I could get to Spirit. Luckily they did have brown horses on them. I bought a few and accompanied them with orange plates, cups and napkins. Her favorite color.

I was also able to find pin the tail on the horse (score!) which my youngest daughter absolutely loved! It was a fun little birthday game for all. We had a small prize for the one who got the closest.

Chelsea, my sister and fantastic cake artist, came to the rescue with Hope’s crazy theme! She actually made three very unique cakes that tied the whole party together perfectly. She made a separate Spirit, Applejack and unicorn cake. Nothing short of amazing! So stunning – so fun! Applejack even had her apple cutie mark which was a super important detail Hope was worried about leading up to her big day!

There was a chocolate cake, vanilla cake and a marbled cake. There were horse plates and orange plates. All these options made cutting the cakes a bit difficult…taking a few long minutes!  It turned out each kid was very specific about what plate they wanted and picked their specific cake slice they wanted. We could only laugh, but each kid was so happy with the choice they got to make!

We had a few things to munch on too at the party including horsey food! Carrot sticks and apple slices – everything a horsey likes. We had this along with some hotdogs and homemade chili made by my husband. My almost-four-year-old also wouldn’t let us have a party without orange chips (Nacho Doritos). After all, they are her favorite color and they taste great too!

All that mattered was Hope loved her party – we wanted to make her feel so special and I think we were successful. She got what she was wishing for too in the way of presents. Lots of horse things and Wonder Woman toys. She is very into the movie right now and role plays Wonder Woman all the time. Mostly of her getting off her horse in that cool way she does! She also got new brown cowboy boots that she was ecstatic about too. Grace got some new ones as well that made her look so cute and sassy!

On Hope’s real birthday the next day, we started out with Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls because that’s the tradition! We put candles in it and we sing happy birthday to her first thing in the morning.

Then we decided to take her to the Children’s Museum. We had never been there and I have a feeling that we will be going back again soon. Next, we headed to the mall and she got her ears pierced! She picked out November birthstone earrings. They were the brown diamonds that she was drawn to. She was amazing getting them pierced. As we were leaving, Grace decided she wanted them too! We sat her down and she didn’t look back – she wanted them so bad. She sat on the chair so nicely and followed every direction that was given to her. She was so proud as Hope was too!

Cheesecake Factory was for dinner. Chicken strips and french fries for the birthday girl and confetti cheesecake for dessert with more candles!

Two awesome days in a row. They tired her out for sure!

I wouldn’t change a thing about her birthday and seeing the smiles she had on her face both days! She’s growing up so fast, but I’m excited to see what this next year brings for my oldest little lady!

What themes do your little people love, and what do they like doing on their birthday?


The purpose of life is joy!

Hope’s 4th Pony, Horse, Unicorn Birthday Party

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  1. Your writting is intriguing. I love the way you document those precious moments. Im looking forward to make an article like this in the near future.

    The child is cute by the way, as well as the cakes, So amazing and astonishing!

    Thank you for sharing this

  2. Cool list. Before you started I thought to myself Link to the Past would be at the top of my personal list, but wasn’t sure if others would agree. When you got to number 5 and I still hadn’t seen Link, I was sure it had to be number one. When you said Blackthorne I was like WHAAAT!!???? lol Despite your telling us in the intro that it hadn’t made the list. Made me laugh out loud. Loved the vid. Thought the choices were great, the commentary was funny and the attention given to each game was just the right length. Awesome job!

    Some of my favs that didn’t make the list 🙁
    – Super Punch-Out
    – Super Double Dragon
    – Breath of Fire
    – NBA Jam
    – The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse

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