Life with Littles

Life with Littles…

My little ladies are 1 1/2 and 3 years old and it’s to say the least… exciting, lovely, joyful, emotional, taxing, fulfilling, exhilarating, messy, loud, fun, new, dramatic, chaotic, and crazy!

It means losing your mind sometimes, watching the same movie 10 times a day and bending backwards to make things happen.

It means gaining more patience than you ever thought you had, sacrificing your own time and throwing away your schedule.

It means answering lots of questions, having more fun and laughing more than you ever thought you would and loving more than you ever thought possible!

All of this can be packed into one short day with little ones!

They say your brain can think about hundreds of things every minute, but I think having little ones – whether it’s one or ten – stretches the boundaries of that fact. Having little ones means thinking for them (or at least letting them know what they are thinking may not be the best choice…!), for you and everything you forgot or need to do. You then add another few items to the ever growing mile long to do list! The list seems to keep growing faster than you can check things off! Little ones stretch every part of your physical, mental and emotional well-being. I wouldn’t change a thing though!

Some days you wake up feeling good, things are smooth and you walk out the door on time to wherever you need to go. You look the part too. The girls are dressed nice with brushed hair and they are calm, courteous and well behaved. You see another mom in the aisle ahead of you who’s kids are having a melt down and the mom looks like she’s about to explode. I’ve totally been there, multiple times a day! Sometimes I feel sorry and understanding (more often than not), but there are other times I kind of get overconfident – I’m embarrassed to say, almost arrogant that my kids are behaving so well, but… little do I know that tomorrow – that mom and kids with a melt down… will be me!

Then you have those days. Everything that can go wrong has already gone wrong and then you walk into Target, 4 hours later than you wanted to go, with your little ones and realize you put shoes on the wrong way, a shirt is backwards and their hair is atrocious! It’a already bad enough and hopefully, just hopefully, you won’t see anybody you know!

But all this is to say it’s ok…! It happens and it’s what makes up life! The good and the bad, the smooth moments and the frazzled moments, the super embarrassing days and the flawless days. With every seemingly bad moment there are many more good ones to make up more than enough for the bad ones.

There are so many little and big silly moments and they are so cute too!

Little bed potato watching Moana!

My oldest daughter decided not too long ago that her favorite colors are orange and brown. All her friends like glitter pinks and purples, but not her! Brown is the best color because it’s the color of her favorite thing in the whole world right now. Spirit the horse. He’s all brown, light and dark, but brown all the same. Spirit is a kids movie and there is also an original show on Netflix as well – Spirit Riding Free.

Everything with her is then related back to horses as well. It’s so sweet!

“I’m wearing my brown Spirit pants today.”

“I jump so high like Spirit!”

“I don’t want dinner tonight because Spirit isn’t hungry.”

My youngest absolutely loves the Movie Moana and will just sing and sing so loud. It’s  super cute!

Then there is always the silly and odd things a three year old will say.

Sometimes you are left laughing so hard, but scratching you head as to where they could have learned such a thing to say!

Just tonight I was washing my oldest’s hair and I got water a little close to her eyes and she said, “dang it mom, you’re making me nervous!” What in the world and where did this come from!?

Getting in the car the other day I was squishing my oldest a bit to grab something and she said, “Mom, you need to stop squishing me, you’re making me frustrated. Move back please…NOW.”

We were at the mall a couple weeks ago and my oldest was in the stroller and there were a few steps to go down. My mom was pushing her and my oldest just wasn’t certain she could get her down the stairs safely. She braced her scared self and said, “Ma, don’t do it!”

These little ones are your whole life and in every moment there is something to smile about! Even when they are naughty because you know even in the worst situation you could never ever live without them!


Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s precious memories


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