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I always peruse Pinterest and come across titles like – 10 Things To Do Tonight To Set You Up For Tomorrow or 8 Things To Do This Morning to Get Your Day Started Off Right – and they intrigue me! They really do. I click them every time to see what they say! I can’t help myself – I want to know what to do tonight so life is great tomorrow! Don’t you?

However, nearly all the posts that catch my eye give great advice that doesn’t really work on many levels for me. They talk about a quiet peaceful house with time to sit and read while their coffee is brewing. They talk about a 9am – 5pm job with time to unwind and tidy up and how to get things done before tomorrow comes. They talk about a schedule…!

But… these people obviously do not have young kids and toddlers and babies. You can have a schedule, I do, but chances of staying on schedule are highly unlikely! Kids are super unpredictable. Then what?!

You Do Have More Time Than You Think

You do the best you can with the time you have. I try to use all my time intentionally. In those times I used to say to myself I don’t have time, I only have 5 minutes – I have found you can do more than you ever thought! I can fold a load of laundry (at least some of it so it doesn’t get wrinkled sitting in the dryer!) or unstack the dishwasher or wipe the counter or sweep or clean up all the paper shreds my two year old dumped and threw all over the house from the full shredder 5 minutes ago… etc! I’ll admit, some of it is out of desperation to get done before I leave the house for the day! It’s not, “I have 5 minutes, I think I’ll.. It’s I have 5 minutes, I HAVE to get this done before I have to go…!” The motto I try to live by is don’t wait to do something you can do now. In my terms, if I do it now, I don’t have to do it later. That is a motivater for me! It all balances out though because sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes my intentional time has no intentional purpose other than to be and that is okay!

Everyday is busy, but I am glad for less busy days. It is very rare to have a day where nothing is planned. They are so few and far between. Between preschool, horseback riding lessons for my daughter, and my job, someday’s for me, is leaving the house at 7:50am and not returning until 10pm. Right now, it’s okay though – I have the best cheerleaders and support system – my husband, my girls, my parents and my sisters! They help me so much on these long days. One of the biggest things for me is staying positive! Like my sister says – positivity is key!

Life gets hectic and everyone wants to know what the secret is to living life perfect… which just is not a thing, but I try! I try to live a Pinterest life and some parts definitely are, but most of my life is not and I am sure you can relate. It’s more like a Pinterest fail, like more often than not you are in that comical “nailed it” category. You know…that picture perfect cake is more like a mound of dismantled cake and icing when I make it! Most of the Pinterest feed is super great highlights of a person’s life – the things they are best at. We all have them, but never all of them.

I wanted to list what my highlighted feed looks like… and things that might not be so worthy of a “Pin” on Pinterest.

10 Pins

5 Pins You Would Want to Post and 5 Pins You Would Keep Off Your Feed!

Things as a mom that are Pinterest worthy “Pins” for me…

  • My family: Life as a family can be messy and hard, trying and broken… but it is also fun and silly, togetherness and LOVE! The Pin of my family picture is perfect and is the motivation for everything good and everything I do!
  • Family PhotoMy two girls!
  • Grandma’s and Grandpa’s or in my case Ma and Papa / Mimi and PopPop: I am so glad they are here and my girls love them all dearly, but as a mom too, I don’t honestly know what I would do without them! I rely on them so much, like SO much, and with actually living in the same city as my parents – I find I rely on them on a daily basis.
  • My sisters: Who love my girls dearly! I don’t know what I would do without them either!

  • My twin sister for me specifically: We rarely go a few hours without talking to each other whether it’s face to face, a call or just a “what’s up” text we send each other 50 times a day!
  • My twin sister’s cakes – Chelsea’s Cakes and Sweets! They are amazing, but not just amazing, I need a better word – phenomenal, exceptional, captivating – inside and out! A Pinterest Pin for the books (that has not happened yet, but I know it will come this March!) will be my daughter in preschool walking into school with the biggest grin on her face with the Pinterest perfect horse or unicorn cake or cupcakes to share for her birthday! She only talks about it everyday!
  • Brown Horse CakeUnicorn Cake: Pinterest at it's bestWatermelon Cake

Things as a mom that are NOT Pinterest worthy…

  • Don’t wish the days away – live in the moment: It’s like driving thinking, in just few minutes you’ll be on this road and in three more blocks you’ll be on that road and in one mile you will be home. Your present moments were lived and missed thinking about what you would be doing next and all of a sudden you missed actually living in the present. Not good!
  • Comparison: Anyone can talk about this for any category of life, but if anyone can talk about this… it’s me! I feel pretty qualified… I am an identical twin! We were compared to each other from day one and growing up, life was a silent competition and it still is today! It’s a trap though, that I just fall into sometimes, because I can choose not to. This goes for anything, don’t fall. You have to know that you are you and you were always meant to be you, so be uniquely you! No one really is better or less than you – just different, and we all have our strengths to help others with their weaknesses.
  • Finger nails: I love painting my nails, I just really find it hard to find any time to do it! Normally, I do a pretty good job! With my schedule so tight though and wanting to spend some time outside with my girls, I contracted out. Grace, my two year old, painted my left hand and Hope, my four year old, painted my right hand… It was their very best work! But… I might save their nail painting services for the middle of winter on my toenails that will live in closed toe shoes. Just until they are older!Fingernails Painted by a Two Year OldFingernails Painted by My Four Year Old: Not Pinterest Worthy!
  • A unkept house: I don’t want to say dirty. It’s not dirty… just unorganized and disheveled. I like a clean house, but we use it and leave a lot of the days, so things on my to-do list stack up. I also like to spend time with my girls and family. So, all I can say is, you’ll get it done, you just need to prioritize!
  • Broken relationships: Life is too short for bad drama – mend them and move forward in love! It will make tomorrow better!

So, these are 10 Pinterest “Pins” – 5 of my best, my highlighted feed, and 5 of those “Pins” that just don’t make the cut to be represented on such a perfect feed. Some are silly, but they are true.

What’s on your Pinterest feed? What’s in your comical “nailed it” Pins?


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