My Fairytale Wedding!

Before I got married, I was a Wedding Director at a posh Winery. It was amazing! By the time it was my turn to get married, I had at least 200, if not more, weddings under my belt. Weddings all have the same ending goals if you will – to marry the happy bride and groom and most weddings have a reception as well to celebrate and to top the night off. However, they are all so different and that’s what I love! Not one is the same!

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My Actual Fairytale Wedding

With the exposure of so many different weddings I just knew exactly what I wanted mine to be! I took bits and pieces that I loved from so many different ones and created my own with my husband’s and my personality!

That’s is my first bit of advice.


~ Make your wedding reflect you as individuals because that is what will create the most memories! ~

People will remember what it was that reminded them of you. Whether it was the food or music or guest book, favors, centerpieces, you name it. You want people to say, “Wow! That is totally them or that was super unique or that was hilarious!”

I am partial, of course, but my wedding was absolutely perfect and I have no regrets! Not one! It’s one of those things that is a one-time deal, but I sure wish I could do it again and again, and I wouldn’t change a thing! I look at my pictures from time to time and fall in love with my wedding all over again. I chose bright, I chose happy, I chose fun and chose not to be stressed about the little details. It all came together just as it should.


~ Questions, questions, questions…! They are so important to ask yourself, your significant other, your vendors, etc. Write every single question you have down, no matter how silly you think it might be, because it will definitely play a part in your wedding and potentially make the planning process so much easier. ~

I got married at the Winey I worked at and it was an absolute dream! It was a mid-June; summer wedding with an outdoor, courtyard ceremony full of bright tropical flowers (my favorite!) and rose petals. With nothing less than perfect weather! I walked down a very long aisle to a quartet and beautiful opera singing.

Bride and Father of the Bride walking down the aisleFlower girls and ring bearerBride and groom - just married!Bride and groom

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The ceremony came to a close and cocktail hour began. Picture time for me and my new husband, of course, but our guests walked over to a grand fountain where a wide selection of passed hors d’oeuvres were offered and wine, lots of different wines – we were at a winery!

I decided fuchsia and bright orange, sparkles, glitter and glamour for the reception. Thank goodness my husband agreed hot pink was ok – so supportive!

My husband was a Chef and the food served at our wedding was very important to him. That was the one thing there was no compromising on and we both actually sat and ate. You hear about so many brides that don’t eat, but I was not going to be one of them! We picked a well-known upscale restaurant to cater our wedding and offered a caprese salad and braised shotribs over parmesan polenta – yum! We topped the menu with a perfect ending of a banana and red velvet wedding cake with cream cheese icing.

Wedding CakeBride and groom cake cutting

Our food was served to everyone on large king’s tables covered in fuchsia tablecloths and bright orange napkins. Tall flower covered candelabras were the centerpieces and the cake was placed on a sequin covered hot pink tablecloth. Dancing with fantastic dance moves followed!

King's table wedding receptionWedding reception

Bride and groom first danceWedding DJWedding Reception

The next day we flew to a sandy sunny beach and started our honeymoon and nothing was more relaxing than strolling along the beach in the warm sun!


~ Have your wedding! It’s a day to remember, so don’t play it down. Make it the best day ever within your means. It’s the start of the rest of your life. ~

I could not have asked for a better wedding and a better husband to spend the rest of my life with!

Bride and Groom

Make it your fairytale!

My Fairytale Wedding

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  1. What a gorgeous fairytale wedding! Every detail looks so lovely and romantic! A huge congratulations to you both. My daughter Brooke just got married two weeks ago, and it was a truly fabulous event. I’m still pinching myself and looking at all the beautiful images.

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