My Favorite Dachshund Things I love to Show Off!

One of my favorite things is my little guy – my Dachshund, Toaster! I can’t get enough of him. He’s the classic Dachshund with a long little body and and the shortest legs, but he’s even better! He’s got long flowing red hair, the cutest face, he’s also intelligent and naughty… so naughty! I know I’m not the only one with a naughty dachshund… right?

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Dachshunds are my life theme! I have so many dachshund things and can’t get enough of them. No one doubts what kind of dog I love or have. My dachshund theme is all over my house and it leaves with me too!

My Favorites!

Here are some of my most favorite things. You’ll love them too!

Super adorable and comfortable Woof Leggings

These leggings are not only very comfortable and extremely functional, but the print is unique and so fun. My favorite!

Dachshund Woof Leggings

This Human Belongs To… Key Chain

If anyone has any doubt who you belong to, just show them your super cute key chain. You little dog belongs to you as much as you belong to him/her!

This Human Belongs To... Dachshund Key Chain! My Favorite Key Chain

The cutest Dachshund Rings

These rings are nothing short of amazing! I love them so much and am definitely getting my sister one in the near future!

Dachshund Rings

My favorite Dachshund Return Address Stamp Ever!

Everyone needs a return address stamp – why not get the cutest one ever! You can use this self-inking stamp over and over again.

My Favorite Dachshund Self-inking Return Address Stamp

Fun Plaid Dachshund Leggings

Super fun yoga pants and great for summer or winter!

Plaid Dachshund Leggings

One-of-a-kind Dachshund Baby Outfit

Can you say super cute! Whether you have a dachshund, love them or even if you don’t this infant outfit is great for any baby’s wardrobe!

Dachshund Baby Outfit

The smallest, most adorable Mini Dachshund Necklace ever!

This was a need for my jewelry collection. It’s dainty, small and adorable! I love how petite it is, but shows how I love dachshunds.

My Favorite Mini Super Tiny Dachshund Necklace

Dachshund Cookie Cutter!

Cute! Need I say more?

My Favorite Dachshund Cookie Cutter

Dachshund Art for your home or office

This piece is great for any room from an office, to the living room to the bathroom. It’s a classy piece of art that is a dachshund!

Dachshund Picasso Art

Doxie Mama T-Shirt

I love this shirt and it comes in so many vibrant colors! If you love doxies, this is the shirt for you!

Doxie Mama Shirt

Find all your favorite dachshund things here!

Read more about my little guy here to see just how sweet and naughty he is!

Keep it sweet and chatter!


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