My First Little Pet – My Dachshund Named Alex

I was maybe 10 years old and I decided I wanted a little dog. We already had a dog, a big black Standard Poodle, but I wanted a little dog. I never actually saw him in person, but while visiting my cousin in Texas, she was talking all about her grandma’s little black dachshund, Alex. She showed me just a few photos and that’s all it took to light the fire in me to want a little guy just like the one I saw in the pictures. A black one with little brown eyebrows. Though I had never actually been around a dachshund, those pictures sold me. Dachshunds just had to be the cutest dogs on the planet! So long with short little legs!

Fast forward a few months and I convinced my parents we actually needed a dachshund. A black one with the little brown eyebrows, just like the one I saw in the pictures. I would also name him Alex. It just sounded like the perfect name for a naughty little guy.

Everyone in my family agreed it would be fun to get a little puppy. However, there was one little hitch. My twin, Chelsea, wanted a yorkie. No no no… but I already had my mind set. I was so passionate about dachshunds! How could she do this to me!

She would say she couldn’t love a dachshund like a yorkie. Same for me though, I couldn’t possibly love a yorkie like a dachshund!

My parents didn’t pick or choose for us and were indifferent in the type of dog we got. We could get just one dog and it had to be settled. We both made signs – maybe a sign with a good explanation just might tip the scale and convince our parents? It didn’t work. They wouldn’t side with me.

This had to handled fairly. We thought about it for a while and I think it was my dad that came up with an idea. We both swam on the swim team here and had a very important race coming up. It was very rare, but we got to swim in the same race right next to each other in this particular event. It was decided that whoever won the race got to get the dog they wanted.

It seemed fair enough… to others. I, on the other hand was not so thrilled. Chelsea always, always came in just a few tenths of a second before me in this particular race and it had never been the other way around. It was fair though. I just needed to swim faster than I ever had before – I had never wanted anything so bad! It was good motivation for a new personal record too! I could do this!

“Take your mark”… beep! I never swam so fast… my arms were screaming, my legs were burning, I thought I had her, I touched that wall so hard…and… LOST!

I was beyond disappointed to say the least. My parents said one dog, so I guess a yorkie it was. Fair is fair. Chelsea was all smiles and all I could do was smile back. She won fair and square.

When we got home though, to my surprise, she announced that she could possibly love a dachshund. I was shocked and started asking why, but quickly stopped. It didn’t matter and I didn’t want to change her mind. She turned my day completely around for the better. I felt bad for a second she gave up her choice, but knew the dachshund was always the right decision.

Long story short, the next day we picked up Alex. My new little brown, short hair, naughty dachshund who I loved with all my heart!
In the end, Chelsea loved Alex so much that 10 years later, she got one of her own! Toaster!

Alex ran the household and was the boss of our Standard Poodle and passed all his knowledge down to Chelsea’s little guy Toaster. We got to love him for 10 years before he left us and I still think about him to this day!


A dog will come into your life, steal your heart and change everything

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