My Oh!MG Oikos Oh! Moment

This post is sponsored by Oikos Oh! but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

What’s my Oh!MG moment? My ordinary turned extraordinary moment? The moment I crave and can’t wait for? My moment of self indulgence…? That I’m not sorry for – even for a second?

It’s Oikos Oh! Double Cream Yogurt! It’s unlike any yogurt I’ve ever tasted and is a seriously creamy, thick, and most luscious yogurt. To make it even better, there’s a hyper indulgent sauce at the bottom that makes my day.

This life season I’m in, it’s hard finding me time to just melt away in a daydream. Between my two little ones running around all day, working, chores, errands, cooking, cleaning, (cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning!)…I live for the moment I can simply sit, enjoy and indulge by myself.

After the books have been read, the little ones are snuggled in their beds and the last bit of loose ends of the day have been tied up, my much needed moment is just moments away. I work quickly because I know what’s waiting for me in my refrigerator… my mouth waters for it… Oikos Oh! Double Cream Yogurt!

My Favorite Oikos Oh! Moment

I grab my favorite flavor and to make the moment a thousand times better, I run a hot bubble bath, light some candles and turn off the lights, sit back, and the best part…indulge in my Oikos Oh! It’s extra rich, perfectly creamy, and deliciously decadent. Salt Dusted Caramel Creme is amazing as well as the Honey Drizzled Blueberry. They’re heavenly. I find myself repeating this process almost daily, but it’s not a regret! Ever!

Swirling my spoon around to meld the flavors together, I then fill my spoon with a dollop. I close my eyes and taste the deliciousness. The first bite is pure heaven and genuine happiness. It’s so crazy amazing that all I can think about is how good this spoonful of yogurt is. My cares melt away for a brief moment and it’s just complete joyfulness. I smile because I feel good. I smile because I feel relaxed. I smile because I genuinely feel happiness. There is nothing I have to do in that moment except for be me, and completely savor my Oikos Oh!

Oh!MG, this yogurt is incredible! I eat one and think, I just might need another! You’ll agree with me, one just doesn’t seem to be enough! But, when I’ve taken my last bite, I just let my thoughts linger on how great this yogurt was and thank it for giving me time to indulge. Time to think and and time to have a few moments to myself because tomorrow is a new day and I’ll be ready! I’m sure of it… and tomorrow night just might be a repeat of tonight. Savoring my Oikos Oh! Double Cream yogurt. That thought is pure bliss in itself.

Although my Oikos Oh! Is reserved for night time, this is a decadent treat that can be enjoyed any time of the day! Just make it your moment – you deserve it!


There is no rule book or schedule as to when you can enjoy, so grab some today. Enjoy your Oh!MG moment just as much as I do!

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