Overdrive Raceway: Indoor Kart Racing – Fun Family Time!

With my husband and his brother, who is visiting this week, and both being car enthusiasts, we decided Overdrive Raceway would be a perfect afternoon activity – and it was! It was fun and exhilarating, fast and crazy.

Overdrive Raceway building

Overdrive Raceway is the country’s first two-story indoor electric go kart facility. It is located in northern Colorado Springs, Colorado – right in my backyard! They use Italian go carts that have a top speed of 40mph that race on their Pepsi Agility Track which is on the first level of the building. They are also the first to offer turbo shifter karts that have a top speed of 40-45mph that race on their Rockstar Energy Drink Speed Track which is on the second floor of the building.

Overdrive Raceway Pepsi Agility Track

Overdrive Raceway has racing for juniors and adults. Juniors must be 13 years old or older and between the height of 48″ – 55″. Adults are anyone 56″ tall or over for the Pepsi Agility Track. For the Rockstar Energy Drink Speed Track that offer the turbo go karts, drivers must be at least 16 years old.

Pepsi Agility Track

Juniors – $17 per race / $45 for three races

Adults – $20 per race / $55 for three races

Rockstar Energy Drink Speed Track 

Adults – $23 per race / $64 for three races

It is quite the experience! They gave me a name, fastgal87, and I raced with my husband, Speedy, and a number of other people. I was not a very “fastgal” – but it was awesome and so fun! First, you are assigned a car number on a screen and then you’re ready for a helmet. Choose a size that fits and then you head to your assigned car. Staff make sure you are buckled up, they turn on your car and you are ready to roll! They slowly let each car onto the track and when everyone is on and ready, the speed is turned up.

Overdrive Raceway Go Karting!

Overdrive Raceway Helmet Rack

It was nothing like anything I have done before. The cars were small, but extremely fast, and stuck to the track so well. I was passed a couple times… but don’t worry, I’ll be back – I need some practice! It was so much fun and so exhilarating as I have said before! I would recommend it ten times over. It’s fun as a family or it would be fun as a date or for a group as well. I brought my two and four year old and they loved watching all the fast cars.

While watching the cars zoom past, or waiting for your next race, grab some food at their snack bar on the first level or head upstairs to their full bar, but they make sure you stay safe, no drinking and driving! Make it a good time! Or, if your into parties, they have a great event space you may rent out. It would be so fun for a corporate event, holiday party or bachelor party!

Overdrive Raceway Inside

Another part to Overdrive Raceway is the Lamborghini Experience that they offer. My husband wants to do it so SO bad! You can ride as a passenger with a professional driver or you can actually drive – with a professional driver in the car, of course. You can choose to ride or drive from 15 miles, 30 miles, 45 miles or 60 miles. The prices very for the milage you choose and whether you choose to drive a Monday – Thursday or a Friday – Sunday from $100 to $510 per session.

Overdrive Raceway Lamborghini

It was a great time, and I would recommend you come and try it out for yourself! I know I definitely look forward to going back soon!


Faster than fast – quicker than quick!  


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