Owen The Dachshund: Recovery From Disc Herniation Surgery

Owen is such a little sweet guy! Probably the sweetest dachshund you’ll ever meet, but he’s not your typical dachshund. The average dachshund can be a bit…feisty, cranky, paranoid, irritated, hangry all the time. Those of you that own one like this know! (I certainly do). They are loyal through and through and love unconditionally, but all of this love doesn’t come without huge attitude! Owen is just different – he’s calm, chill, caring, laidback, slow and happy all the time.

Owen the Sweetest Dachshund!

Owen is my parent’s dachshund, but is such a sweet part of the whole family. My two girls will pet, love and kiss on Owen non-stop. Polar opposite though is Toaster, my sister’s little cranky dachshund that lives with my parents full time. My girls are convinced he’s going to chase and bite them every single time we arrive at Grandma’s house. They immediately scream and run for high ground when we walk through the door. It’s just crazy how both dachshunds have such different personalities! Read more about Toaster here. He’s quite the little man!

Owen the Dachshund: Disc Herniation

Owen, the poor little guy, is currently in intensive recovery right now, but he’s thankfully getting better – so much better! It was not so long ago that we learned that he had Disc Herniation. It all started when he wouldn’t eat well (which is so unlike him) and wouldn’t move; he just hunkered down under the bed all day and night. We finally coaxed him out and learned he couldn’t walk on his back legs and we were devastated. We don’t know how it happened. It could have been from a jump or fall or the little guy just had a very bad back. There’s not one moment we could pin point as the culprit.

The red flags went up and he was taken to the vet immediately. It was a good thing too – everyday he went without seeing a doctor would be detrimental. If unattended to, he could have gone completely paralyzed in his back legs. The doctors are saying he has completely lost feeling in his toes, but that he should be able to walk again. With the doctors saying “should,” they are predicting he’ll have a 50 percent chance that he will regain leg movement and feeling to be able to walk again. So, we’ve been hoping and praying! It’s been a wild ride so far.

Owen the dachshund disc herniation

It’s been about five weeks now since his surgery and he is really excelling. He is rather mobile now.  He can stand and hobble on his back legs, sometimes hop, and sometimes drag himself around. With the therapy he’s getting though, I think he’ll be able to recover nicely. He may never be at 100 percent again, but get pretty darn close. His future looks so promising!

Owen had surgery September 4th for his Disc Herniation. It was major surgery. Staples lined his entire lower back. Goodness, it looked painful! He was put on an antibiotic and two different pain killers for the two weeks following his surgery. It was asked that he not move for four weeks – that he should be confined to a small padded space and wear his e-collar at all times. A urinary catheter was put in that he was not to touch. Without the e-collar it would be too easy to chew the catheter or pull it out.

Owen the dachshund post surgery for disc herniation

Owen the dachshund post recovery from disc herniation - staples in his back

Owen the Dachshund: Rehab and Recovery

Next was the waiting game, but it didn’t come without hiccups. The catheter was a hard thing to keep sorted out. At one point as Owen was getting a little better and wanting to get mobile he chewed through his catheter. This resulted in a very late night trip to the vet. Another two times it was pulled out with his restlessness. So annoying! Eventually, about three to four weeks into recovery, the catheter was taken out completely (yay), but it meant carrying Owen outside and sitting with him multiple times a day trying to drain his bladder. That was a feat within itself.

Owen the dachshund post disc herniation surgery

The doctor said it will take six to eight weeks to fully know the results of the surgery. So, currently, he is going through the rehab process. He gets acupuncture weekly as well as after surgery rehabilitation. He gets 45 minutes sessions which include:

  • Manual Therapy: Massage, joint mobilization and stretching
  • Exercise for flexibility, strength, endurance and weight loss
  • Modalities for pain and swelling: Laser, ultrasound and electrical stimulation
  • Underwater treadmill: For strengthening, range of motion, pain reduction, normalizing gait and weight loss.

At home, massage is used as well as standing to strengthen his back legs. Standing is done by rolling up a bath towel and placing it under his belly and standing him up correctly so he can get used to it all again. This is a must everyday to regain his strength.

Owen the dachshund massage technique post disc herniation surgery

It’s been a long road to recovery already and there is still more to go, but we can see that he is trying and getting better and better with each passing day. He can stand and he can take a few steps on his own! So, we have no doubt that he will recover!

This type of surgery takes lots of time and more dedication on our part, but in the end it is totally worth it! He’s part of the family. We joke that he was a little couch potato before this all happened, so with his recovery, he’s been so good about being still allowing himself to heal. As long as he’s in a comfortable spot and can kind of see and hear what’s going on around him, he doesn’t really feel the need to try and get up.

We will see what the next few weeks will bring. We can certainly see his little happy self returning daily and it brings a smile to us all! Especially Toaster. His little buddy is getting back on track!

I will certainly keep you all posted!


Some things just fill your heart without trying 


Owen the Dachshund Recovery from Disc Herniation Surgery

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  1. Aww, so cute! I’m sorry that he has to go through all that, but I’m happy that he has you who obviously love him very much:) I hope he gets well soon!

    1. Thank you so much! He’s been great through it all and am so happy he’s feeling so much better! 😊

  2. Awe, I am sorry he had to go through all the pain, but I’m so glad he is feeling much better! <3

    Kasey Ma

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