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Pictures are a snapshot of a memory and they help us bring back memories that arise sometimes only when we look at a picture. This post is about me and my family, but specifically more so, all about firsts! In the last few months our family has experienced a lot of new “firsts,” big and small things, but things that will always be etched in our memories! Pictures always help us remember more of the details and the feelings we had, so I always like to take a lot. If you are anything like me, I love to go back and look at older pictures – whether it’s just yesterday or 10 years ago! Here are some “firsts” I will always remember.

Seven “Firsts” Pictures

We took our girls to the hot air balloon glow this Labor Day Weekend. It is the first time Hope and Grace would have seen a hot air balloon up close and we were bummed to find out it was just a bit too windy to inflate them. So, instead, they did a “candlestick glow” with just the burners. It was still a lovely night though. It was intriguing to see the powerful fire stream from the burners. We were standing really close to one and my youngest daughter Grace said, “hot!” It felt good though since it was a cool evening. The best part for my oldest daughter, Hope, was getting to actually light the burners! You can see how happy she was in the picture below. It certainly was the highlight of her day!

Wedding dress shopping! We went August 31st, with my younger sister, Catrina, who is getting married in May! It was Catrina, of course, myself and two daughters and my twin sister, Chelsea, and her son and my mom (it was her birthday) who went to give our gracious opinions! We knew it would be interesting with a four year old and two little two year olds.

My sister’s son was not interested in the slightest – but that’s to be expected, he’s a little man that despised dress shopping! My older daughter, Hope, liked it okay, but my youngest, Grace, really got into it. She loved helping pick out dresses and seeing Catrina spin, but she totally lit up when she saw a little white dress in her size at the last place we went. Grace tried it on and then walked out to the mirror and smiled so big and said “princess!” She was so cute and would get on the platform and spin and spin and look in the mirror. When it came to take it off, she said no and tried to negotiate in two-year-old language. She told me there was chocolate on her other dress. There was a spot on her dress about the size of a sprinkle, but there is no way she could put on a dirty dress! Luckily mommy came to the rescue with a new dress I had packed, but that was not what she was looking for. Grace found her yes to the dress and I am excited to say Catrina founds hers at the same shop too!

Hope started pre-school! She just adores it so much and it makes me so glad that she is so excited to go. The hard part is dropping her off with her younger sister Grace – she thinks she’s the same age and wants to go so bad!

Hope went to her first Broncos game with daddy! She gets into it, but we weren’t too sure how she would take actually going to a game. My husband said he would play it by ear and come home when she was ready. Well, she never was ready until it was finished. She loved the whole experience. Putting her Broncos gear on complete with her temporary Broncos tattoos, and getting a hotdog to eat at the stadium to seeing the players, but the best was seeing the Bronco horse running across the field after a touchdown. It’s what she waited for – horses are her most favorite things ever! Success! Now she keeps asking to go, she doesn’t want to watch it on TV anymore!

Hope started horseback riding lessons! We knew Hope liked horses when she was about a year and a half old. We didn’t know the half of it. Kids change their minds a lot, so much, but horses are something that just keeps blooming in her more and more as she is getting older. She started lessons and now keeps telling us we need a “Spirit” (the name of her wanna be horse) in her backyard! We would need a new… everything to accommodate a horse! So, that is what we are working on now and can maybe accomplish it in the next few years down the road.

We went to the Denver Zoo. Somewhere our whole family has never been. It was a lot bigger than I thought and had so much to see and do!

We had horsey donuts! Who know there is a donut shop in our city that makes donuts in the shape of horses?! If you are ever in the area, make sure to look up Horseshoe Donuts!

I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring!


Because every picture has a story to tell


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