Red Baron Pizza – Holiday Dinnertime Rescue!

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You know that day off you have that doesn’t really feel like a day off? Your “to-do” list has 49 things listed that all have to get done today! Go for a run, laundry-laundry-laundry, clean my house the best I can, feed my daughters breakfast, get them dressed (after chasing them down for 30 minutes – it’s quality fun… sometimes), then off to run errands at six different stores ending with a playdate and getting home late. You don’t know how it’s all going to get done, but you can rest easy knowing Red Baron Classic Crust Cheese Pizza is there to the dinnertime rescue. You already know what is for dinner no matter what time you get home – check! Because it is so quick and easy you also have more time for other things on your list – check, check check!

Red Baron Classic Crust Four Cheese Pizza

The Holidays are Here!

The holiday season is wonderful! It gets busy and hectic and chaotic, but none the less, it is a fantastic time of year! Days get busier – packed with more fun, and before you know it dinnertime is upon you. Instead of taking on trying to make a dinner that you know will take at least an hour or two (and the littles are already whining they are hungry and you are too!) you ask everyone, “is Red Baron Pizza ok?” You already know the answer though… an overwhelming YES! My girls will never ever turn down a good pizza… me either!

With a smile on my face and a sense of excitement, I get to go to my freezer and pull out a family favorite – Red Baron Classic Crust Cheese Pizzas. The hardest part about this dinner is turning on the oven!

Red Baron is an awesome option for dinner that pleases everyone in the house hold. It’s something that the kids get excited for too!

Learn More About Red Baron

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Some days start extra early and end later than we intend or we have been on the go go go for a few days and need a night off. It means you want to pass up the crazy busy grocery store and fast food restaurants too. When days like this happen, sometimes it is nice to come home and unwind and take some time to relax. For us, this means a movie night is in order and Red Baron Pizza is on the menu. It’s a great shareable meal that I can keep on hand at home.

Red Baron Pizza

Great for Short Notice or as a Planned Dinner

Red Baron Pizza is great for a super short notice dinner, but it’s nice as a plan as well. You know on pizza night your only responsibly is to turn on the oven, pull out a baking sheet and make sure plates are available to eat on. That’s it! There won’t be any complaints either, just happy full stomachs!

Share your story about how Red Baron Pizza helps your dinnertime during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

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