Something New – Horseback Riding Lessons!

My daughter, Hope, got to have her very first horseback riding lesson this week! After it was all said and done she took to it way easier than I imagined and loved it more than I ever thought. She is my little horse fanatic!

First time on a horse!

It could be the start of a life long passion she may carry the rest of her life!

Even before Hope’s 2nd birthday, she fell in love with horses and by her 4th birthday (which was a horse themed party) she was way past in love – she was obsessed! Many things changed for her over the past two years, her favorite color (which currently is orange and brown), the foods she likes, favorite toys… but her constant non-wavering love is horses – all colors, but brown ones steal her heart!

All Hope wanted to do was ride a “real” horse. Her absolute favorite show is Netflix’s Original Series – Spirit Riding Free. She wants to be like Lucky, the main character. Lucky has her own horse and her life is filled with her horse, family and friends. She would show me day in and day out how Lucky rides a horse upon her rocking horses. Hope also asks to go see “real” horses all the time. There is a ranch close to my parents house that has two brown horses and two black horses that we visit frequently. She just talks to them and tells them how much she loves them.

Because of how much she loves horses and her obsession with them, my husband and I decided she could try her hand at horseback riding!

I have to say, finding a trainer that would attempt to teach a four year old was more than difficult, it’s nearly impossible, as the standard age, I found out, is six. We think she’s ready though and she certainly proved it at her first lesson. She was excited, eager, ready, had a listening ear and was nothing but smiles! We found an amazing trainer though through the help of my mom and dad.

Getting ready for her first lesson, Hope put on her riding pants and cowgirl boots as well as her horsey shirt! I told her we needed to put up her hair, but she refused. She wanted to ride like Lucky, with her hair in the wind because obviously she’d be riding so fast… on her first lesson of course… not! My husband also tried to put up her hair with no success. We tried everything. Everything except the few simple words my sister said – “your teacher said you have to.” Genius!

Her first lesson consisted of getting to know the horse, who was named Promise, and her trainer. Well, she couldn’t have been anymore excited when she found out the horse she got to ride was brown, with a dark mane and dark legs. Just like Spirit!! Whoa!! She got to meet, touch and pet Promise and eventually got to ride on her gently.

I thought she’d have reservations about actually getting on, but she didn’t hesitate at all! It was hard to get her off! Her little sister, Grace, was so jealous! She’ll be two in less than a week, but she has a couple years to go. I think we will have two little riders in the family! She was so proud though, she did at least get to sit on Promise. She wanted to “go”, but she’s just too little!

Hope can hardly wait a week for the next lesson! It was amazing! I can’t wait to see how she blooms and blossoms in this sport!


Progress always begins where your comfort zone ends

Horseback Riding Lessons

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  1. Amazing and very cute! When my family bought a small horse ranch in Texas as a child, I had my first riding lesson. I remember it as if it was yesterday! It was all I could think about. The love for horses is, apparently, just something inside us.

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