Sprinkle Sprinkle Cake Tutorial

The sprinkle cake is all sorts of fun! Any and all sprinkles are welcome, and if you’re anything like me, you have a cabinet dedicated to just sprinkles. I love sprinkles! Everywhere store I go to, I buy them, I buy them on the internet and of course get them as gifts. Today, there are so many colors, shapes and even whole web sites dedicated to selling just sprinkles. Individuals make their own medleys and combinations consisting of many different kinds and colors of sprinkles to make the perfect accent to any cake or cookie.

Sprinkle medleys

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It’s safe to say, I’m completely obsessed.  I’m pretty sure my toddler is too, but for a different motive. He wants some “candy.” If I’m not paying attention for one nano second, I know he’s in that cabinet rummaging around trying all the containers to see if one just might spill open. Such a naughty little guy! Or my niece gets a cup and mixes the perfect “mixed drink” and starts “drinking” the smaller sprinkles. I definitely need a new out of reach place. They’re just too enticing for little hands!  

Cake covered entirely in rainbow sprinkles

But enough about me, let’s talk about the sprinkle cake and how to make this simple masterpiece. This particular cake is enrobed in colorful nonpareils (little tiny spheres), but feel free to use whatever your heart desires or the occasion calls for. Make it all one color or the traditional multicolor. It’s so fun, festive and colorful making it perfect for birthday’s, family gatherings, wedding showers and for this particular cake in my pictures – a baby shower! Best of all, it’s fairly simple to make. No piping skills required! 

How to Make:

What You’ll Need:

  • Cake (any flavor)
  • Buttercream
  • Off-set spatula
  • Turn Table
  • Large bowl
  • Sheet pan
  • Sprinkles

Step 1: Make your desired flavor cake. I made a fun, super delicious chocolate cake, but I also have a great white cake recipe you should try as well. They’re both quite yummy. Crunched for time or not a baker? Make a box mix! Funfetti is always a great pick for this cake. Just as fun inside as it is outside! 

Naked chocolate cake

Step 2: After your cakes are baked and cool, fill and stack. I filled my cakes with my buttercream. I then iced it in the same buttercream and made it as smooth and level as possible with my off-set spatula. Don’t stress too much. Everything will be covered in sprinkles anyway. 

Step 3: Enrobe the entire cake in sprinkles.   This is the fun part. Grab a handful of sprinkles and have fun!  I hold the cake with my right hand and gently press sprinkles onto the sides of the cake with my left. Start on the bottom and bring your hand up making sure the sprinkles adhere to the buttercream.

Enrobing cake in sprinkles

Enrobing a cake with multi colored sprinkles

Rotate the cake slowly while sprinkling! Once the sides are done, cover the top completely by mounding on sprinkles and spreading them around very gently. Ever so slightly tilt the cake and lightly brush off the excess. Make sure you have a good grasp of your cake. Don’t let it fall or it will be a disaster. If you’re a little weary of holding the cake, you can place in the middle of a baking sheet and press your sprinkles on your cake. Ta- Da! Your cake is completely and thoroughly covered. Inspect every square inch to make sure there is no buttercream visible.

You can sprinkle over a bowl, which I did, but quickly found out sprinkles went everywhere. I’d most definitely use a baking sheet next time to catch the excess. Makes for much easier cleanup. I’m sure I’ll be cleaning up sprinkles for years to come! They’re certainly hard to round up! 

Sprinkle enrobed cake

This is it guys! Nothing too hard at all. Simply  bake, ice and sprinkle!  It makes for a great looking, super colorful, festive party cake fit for any occasion. Make a small cake or large. It’s sure to please everyone! Come on and give it a try! They’re quite fun to make! 

Make one layer or many! This baby shower cake was a fun three tiered sprinkle cake with fondant purple ribbon. The possibilities are endless!

Here’s some items for purchase that you can use to make this cake! Come check them out!





Sur La Table Vanilla Sprinkle Cake


Three tiered sprinkle cake with a purple fondant bow


Cake is for life, not just for birthdays! 



This sprinkle cake tutorial is easy and simple to follow. Great cake for any occasion and the perfect dessert.

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12 Replies to “Sprinkle Sprinkle Cake Tutorial”

  1. This may be the most beautiful cake tutorial I’ve seen yet. I’m afraid to even try and mess it up! But I’m gonna try anyway! I love this!

  2. I love this sprinkle cake. I baked a simple cake once, it didn’t turned out very nice but you made this cake so easy for me that I’m definitely gonna try it once again! I hope I could do the justice.

  3. Cake is breathtaking… I’m not really good in making cakes so I will be afraid to even try and mess it all up! ^^ But I’m so thrilled to see that somebody had such skills…

  4. I feel like it would turn into a Pinterest fail if I tried it- but it’s gorgeous! I may just have to try it anyway. Fingers crossed it looks as good as yours!

  5. This looks fantastic and helpful tips. Sorry if you did say it but I couldn’t find it. About how many sprinkles (containers/cups not sure how you measure) do you need to cover the cake? The example looks like an 8inch round, is that right? Thanks!

    1. Oh yes, it’s an 8” Cake. I used about two containers of the standard sprinkle containers. You might have a bit left over, but this will cover the cake completely!

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