Sticking To and Living Out Your New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year's Resolutions

It’s day 5 of the new year! Resolutions were written and actions were taken, but how well and how willing are you able to stick to them? The age old question for most people is how? How do you actually stick to a resolution with your already crammed packed days.

New Year's Resolutions

I get it, it’s after the holidays and you are trying to get back into the swing of things and January 1st seems so far away already. At least it does for me. Even with my resolution list being so fresh and so ready to tackle, some have already been broken. 

Because it is so frequent that resolutions are broken, especially in the first week, I wanted to share how to make it, how to keep them and succeed tips that have allowed me to be victorious. 

It’s hard, resolutions are goals you so desperately want to achieve and some you write down without even a hint of how to get there. I know I do. My resolutions are big and a lot of them are more like wishes it seems. Some of my resolutions depend on me succeeding in three or four of my other resolutions before it can happen! So, here are ways I stay on track! 

Key Points For Success

  • First Dream big! Picture what your life would be like with the completion of a resolution or many! 
  • Look at your resolutions everyday – Keep you resolutions with you and visible – re read them often as to not forget what you are fighting for this year. You know you are doing well when it’s July 22nd and you still have not lost site of your New Year’s goals!
  • Then think small! Goals happen over time with a small chunk of time dedicated to it everyday. I find that rewriting your resolutions with more achievable goals helps tremendously. Say your goal is to lose 25 pounds – don’t just stop there. Answer the question “how?” Break it down into weekly and then daily goals. This can be done with any resolution you have and it works great because then it turns a wish into actions.
  • Make a daily checklist – What do you want to achieve daily that will ultimately put you on the right track. 
  • Have an accountability partner for each resolution whether it’s your spouse, relative or friend. Your chances of succeeding heighten greatly! Asking for help can be one of the greatest ways to achieve your goals. 
  • Don’t quit or beat yourself up just because you fell off for a bit. It’s better to keep trying than not at all. Make sure to love yourself through it all. 
  • Just because it’s not January 1st does not mean you can’t start again –If you decide on February 8th that it’s time to start again… do it! The worst you can do for yourself is give up. That is not an option! 
  • Lastly, make your goals a priority or they will fall to the wayside. In order to achieve anything, you have to want it and it is up to you to get it! 
New Year's Resolutions

I have fallen into the trap so many times where I feel like nothing will ever change. There are some resolutions that have made my list for five years running. It’s a drag to know you want it and can’t make it there. So, let this year be different! Achieve your dreams one step at a time because they all add up!


Believe it, achieve it 

New Year's Resolutions

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