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Welcome to Sweet Chatter! We are formerly known as Live Laugh Loving Life and just recently went though a rebrand and name change. Live Laugh Loving Life was a great start to our blogging career that we absolutely loved. It is a journey we learned a lot from! Recently though, we wanted a change. We wanted something that screamed… us, both of us! Something we would absolutely love and capture our identity perfectly. We brainstormed for weeks and finally found our perfect name that will capture our past, present and future. Sweet Chatter, a lighthearted lifestyle blog!

We now have a better focus and are ready for our next chapter!

We have a lot to chatter about! We will still be all about the dessert scene and that remain one of our biggest focuses as that is Chelsea’s first love! We will also sprinkle in a few savory recipes here and there too! She spends countless hours in the kitchen experimenting making sure her recipes are perfect before she shares them with her readers. She also has a red long hair dachshund she just adores, Toaster, that you’ll read a lot about too.

Courtney is about lifestyle – family, decor, diy, weddings and events. She loves event planning, it’s what she went to school for and worked in the industry for years and wants to share and chatter about ideas and tips.

We do, in the near future want to travel more and share our experiences. It’s a passion we both have in our hearts.

We do cover a plethora of recipes and lifestyle, but we only share what we are passionate about and absolutely love! We want to continually grow our audience and interact with our readers and hope that what we are sharing impacts another’s life for the better.


Sweet Chatter LogoSweet Chatter Logo

As we rebranded, we wanted a logo that identified us as well. Something unique and contemporary. We have texting boxes like you see texting on an iPhone with a cupcake and a dachshund – two huge components we talk about on our blog. It’s us and shows we are texting, if you will – chattering all the time about food and life!

We are so excited to share our life and unique thoughts with you!

Chelsea and Courtney

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