Ten of My Favorite Pictures of Family Life

I’m Courtney (one of the twins!) and I wanted to post a little bit about my family. I want everyone to get to know us a little more and what better way to do it than through a few pictures. Here are ten photos I chose of my most favorite. I don’t feel like I’ve written much about me and wanted to show you my life. I’ll start with the most recent – from just a few days ago and head back in time.


Happy Halloween! This was taken just a few days ago. Pictured are my two girls and my sister’s little awesome man. I had an excited little unicorn and a donut and we had an astronaut join the candy filled party too! So fun!


There is more than one photo here, but these capture everything my big girl is obsessed with. Horses! In particular, Spirit! She loves the Dreamworks movie Spirit and the Netflix Original Series Spirit Riding Free. We watch them everyday… everyday! In addition, we read horse books nightly, we play horses, we draw horses, we constantly print pictures from the internet of horses, we visit horses and of course the day would not be complete without wearing an outfit with horses on it! The only thing we need is a real horse itself. One day!


This was Easter this past year. Love my little family!

#4 I love that my sister and I got to bring our little ones to meet their great grandpa. 😊 My oldest was there too, she just wouldn’t sit with him. He was so thrilled. He lives far away, so it was a treat.


These sisters just love each other so much and I hope they are best friends forever! Even know they are older now, I can still find them loving each other.


My newest little one just a few hours old!


The little smile to remember forever. She is spunky and joyful …most of the time!


My first, just minutes old! We didn’t find out gender, so we were surprised to meet our little girl!


Football with Daddy! She still loves it to this day!


Yikes, we are 30! …this girl is my sister, but she is also my best best friend! Stay tuned in for her post soon and get to know her more!

This is my family and I couldn’t possibly love them anymore than I do now! I love spending time with them and can’t wait for many more memories we can share together. Thanks for getting to know me a bit more!


When we have each other, we have everything


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