The Cake Life

When I get some free time, I love spending it with my mixer! We spend hours and hours together every week making cookies, muffins, bread, candy and cake, a lot of cake. It’s safe to say, I am in total love with cake…I love to make it (cake batter…I can’t ever deny it), decorate it, and especially eat it! I just have this insatiable appetite for cake all the time!

Cake decorating is my passion. I’ve been doing it for over 12 years now, and have gotten to make some pretty cool cakes over the years. I used to work in a bakery, but after I had my little guy, I now make them as a side business. Making a cake, it’s a place of comfort for me unless my little guy insists on helping. Then things get chaotic real fast!

Simple or intricate, I really do love making all varieties. I really don’t mind the tedious work that can come with them either. I just know that once I have completed my beautiful cake, it makes my heart happy to know the customer will enjoy every aspect of it too. At least I hope! Just don’t tell me! From the taste to the look, it’s totally worth it, but it all has to start with a fluffy cake base…

Sweet sugar and flour fill the air while I scale my ingredients and stir them up! I scrape my bowl an innumerable amount of times to make sure batter perfection ensues. I then pour the velvety batter into my pans and get them into the oven to bake. Maybe leave a little extra batter in the bowl…you know, to enjoy! I always take a moment to myself to lick the sweet rich decadent batter off the spatula. Never ever fails to makes my day! If you’re anything like me, I seriously adore cake batter, cookie dough, brownie batter, anything batter for that matter.

I then make buttercream and my fillings to make the most delicious cake (snacking on these a bit too because…you have to make sure it tastes good, maybe multiple times, right??)  I cool the cakes, fill and start decorating.

The attention to detail and perfection each individual cake requires is exciting. Each occasion calls for a different cake and coming up with a design is just half the battle. Once the cake is baked, and filled up with deliciousness, I then like to use many icing mediums, and buttercream is by far my favorite to enrobe my cakes! It’s so sweet and creamy. Complements any cake! I do like to use fondant too-a sugar clay of sorts. It always gives a clean look.

I wanted to share some of my favorite cakes I’ve made with you. Some I have partied with and have stories about, and some I just love to show off!

This cute little owl was made for my niece’s first birthday! She loved it. A matching smash cake was made to go along with it!

“Minimus.” This is the horse from the hit kids show “Sofia the First.” My little niece was obsessed with the horse, so I nonchalantly said one day I’d make it for her…3D and all. To my surprise, she remembered and wouldn’t let me off the hook. Little did I know, it was going to take me weeks and weeks to make this cake. I had a new born baby at the time, and wow, just wow, this was a lot of work. Totally worth it though. My niece was in total awe of the cake!

Baby shower cakes are always so much fun. I love the little Mickey Mouse in his pajamas sleeping so snuggly on a fluffy cloud. If only that could have been me. Mickey kept falling off…so irritating. I’m surprised it turned out so nice. Every time he fell, he put huge gashes into the cake!

One of my favorite cakes! This baby alligator baby shower cake was made for my sister. They didn’t find out the gender of their baby so I guessed with the pacifier color, and was totally right. It was a girl! Go me!!!

Such a fun cake! I enjoyed making it, although it took me forever to get the skull right. Very frustrating. But I do love it!

Lightening McQueen from the popular “Cars” movies. This was my little guy’s first year birthday cake. He loved just staring at it. I made it a few days before his party, so we’d go out in the garage, open the refrigerator and stare, for what seemed like forever. I know he loved it, but the cake decorator in me noticed every level little flaw!

I still think we watch this movie just about everyday…it’s sad, but I’m pretty sure I can quote it word for word now!

How could I possibly go through this year without making the hottest cake trend? The unicorn. They’re so fun, but elegant at the same time. This is a mommy unicorn and baby smash cake to go along with it!

This was a super fun camping cake. The little fire pit was an actual fire pit! I love it!

This was a margarita cake. I soaked the cake heavily with tequila and triple sec, and iced it in a lime buttercream. All I can say is OMG, amazing!

I love this cake. Just so clean and simple.

This was a fun cake to make. Just a sheet cake, but everyone, I can’t tell you how many people, told me it was wrong of me to put a social security number on a cake. Calm down! It’s just my customer’s birthday!

Boy oh Boy, it’s a boy! Another baby shower cake for my friend! I love the simpleness of the cake. Such a delicious red velvet cake!

First hat cake I ever made, and I do think it turned out alright! Not my team, but I had one really happy customer!

Naked wedding cake! Fondant roses are my jam! I love making them.

A single peony sits on top of this simple baptism cake. It’s simple cakes that demand the most perfection!

This is a little bit more of what makes up who I am! I just couldn’t imagine life with out a little bit of cake!


The secret ingredient is always love! 





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    1. Thank you! Yes! Always have the right tools and ingredients set up before you start. That way it’s a smooth process. And as always…practice, practice!

  1. What cute and whimsical creations. I know they must be delicious but I would almost hate to cut into them. The owl is my favorite. You are very talented.

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