The Wedding Dress – Shopping for the Perfect One!

The bride and groom are the “why” of the wedding, but the bride in her beautiful white dress is the grand showstopper. The moment arrives, and she slowly walks down the aisle. The crowd stands up, turns around, all trying to catch a glimpse of the beautiful bride…what is her dress going to look like?

Wedding dress shopping is all about joy and love and fun and all things glittery, sparkly, crystal, gorgeous and beautiful! It’s a dream come true and one of the moments a bride most looks forward to amidst all the wedding planning. It’s also a fun time for the friends and family that come to critique the gowns. It is nothing short of amazing fun!

This past week, we went shopping! Wedding dress shopping! My sister, Mom and I went along with my younger sister that recently got engaged. We took the day and went to lunch at a fabulous local Latin restaurant and then to a couple of wedding dress shops ready to find the perfect dress. We went to two very unique boutique shops both with very different selections of dresses.

The first shop we went to was contemporary, traditional with very clean lines and was just built not too long ago. The owner designs a lot of her own dresses, making them one of a kind. She sells them for one season and then destroys the pattern. She also has a dress designer from Austria she buys from and just a few others. It didn’t have too many dresses, but they were all absolutely gorgeous!

The second bridal shop was such a classy – sparkly, bright, full of mirrors, fun boutique. It is actually where my twin sister, Chelsea got her wedding dress, now eight years ago! This place is all about the latest and greatest, trendiest wedding dresses, all crystals and sparkles, satin and tulle.

We decided beforehand that we would each get to pick out a dress (or two!) for the bride to be. Catrina is a bride who knows what she wants – and she had a certain image she wanted to achieve. We all have drastic different styles we like, so it made it really fun! Catrina likes halter/high-neck dresses, Chelsea likes big poofy, princess cut ball gowns, I like the clean cut A-line dresses and my mom likes lace and satin. You know how it goes…I like a dress, she doesn’t, she likes a dress, my mom dislikes it, my sister loves a dress, I love it, I love the dress, but she hates it…it’s the typical wedding dress shopping dilemma.

She gladly tried them all! It was such a blast! Catrina knew exactly what she was looking for though! So, while we were having fun selecting out of this world dresses, we finally got down to business and found an over-the-top gorgeous dress that was high-neck, lace, and sparkly. It made her feel good and she looked glowing gorgeous! (I can’t show it here because it just might be “the one!”)

Here are some tips on making the best of wedding dress shopping because it’s a fun time and nothing should put a damper on it!

  • Remember it is all about the bride! Family and friends can put in their input, but the ultimate decision is up to the bride. Let go of your opinionated remarks.
  • Honest opinions are great, but don’t put the bride down – family and friends need to stay open to what the bride is looking for. Remember we all have different opinions and we need to respect this.
  • Take pictures, lots of pictures of the bride in a variety of dresses – if she is on the fence, she will have pictures to go back to and look at.
  • Take pictures, but otherwise, put down the cell phones and enjoy the moment.
  • Keep conversations upbeat and happy, laugh and smile.
  • It is a once in a lifetime moment!

Wedding dress shopping is fun, so fun! We all like our own styles, but the decision of the bride is the most important. Chelsea did get her super glittery ball gown she always dreamed of and had her Country Club Wedding she wanted! I had an A-line satin sparkly dress for my Napa Valley Winery Wedding. Now we will see what Catrina picks for her Florida Beach Wedding! She has a dress in mind for sure (the one I think she will end up getting!), but we do have one more day of wedding dress shopping ahead of us in Denver in the near future. I’m certain she’ll be back to the first dress boutique if she doesn’t find the perfect dress.

The bride is the center of attention which makes the dress so important for that special day! The bride needs to ultimately feel like a princess and shopping for it is such a great, happy time spent together with lots of smiles and laughs!


Are you going to say yes to the dress?! 

The Wedding Dress

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