Toaster the Dachshund – How we Met


Toaster is my cutest little long hair red dachshund. He is now 8 years old and he runs the entire household. He lives with a black standard poodle, who he has to beat up from time to time, and another Isabella colored long hair dachshund, Owen. They’re pretty much BFFs.


Toaster was kind of an impulsive buy. My husband and I had been shopping around for quite awhile. We knew we wanted a dachshund, but after searching and searching we just could not find the perfect guy. One unsuspecting afternoon, cruising around the mall, I had this moment of love at first sight. It was for real. Real love. This little baby red long hair dachshund with big shiny round black eyes locked with my eyes. I had to meet him. I instantly knew he was the one. He looked so innocent, so loving. His little eyes… The first time I held him, he gave me kiss after kiss. Little did I know, he was going to own me and our house.

Red Dahchsund

It was three days before our wedding and chaos was the main theme, but why not add a puppy to mix? My mom, trying to knock some sense into me, said if he’s still around after your honeymoon, then it’s a sign it was meant to be. I pondered it and thought that’d probably be a wise decision. So we went home and got immersed in last minute wedding preparation. It took everything I had not to think about this baby dachshund. His perfect self consumed every crevasse of my mind.

Family and friends were flying in left and right, but at 8:30pm I’d had enough. I couldn’t take it anymore. What if someone bought my dachshund whom I loved so much already? I needed him to be mine, so I promptly drove to the mall and picked up the little guy. He totally took me to another stress level, but that’s ok, he was definitely worth it. Not the most convenient time to get a puppy, but love is love! What can I say!

It was rather rough. He was up all night and trying to potty train was kind of nonexistent. I had a large cardboard box all fluffed up with cozy blankets, toys and snacks by my bed thinking he’d be in heaven after what he’d been sleeping on, but wow! This little ball of attitude had other plans. He was going to sleep in bed with mommy and that was that! I caved and that’s been how it’s been ever since. He was a little (A LOT) on the naughty side. It was instant love though. He was my kind of perfect and still is!

Red Dahchsund

Our wedding was one of a kind perfect too, and Toaster stayed with my parents while we had a fabulous honeymoon. I just couldn’t bare the thought of not having this fluffy little guy. He had to be in my life! I just loved the fact that those big black shiny round eyes and his sandpaper tongue would be right there ready for me when we arrived home. Best decision ever and I still can’t love him enough!

Red Puppy Dachshund

I just have so much love for my little guy and I’m sure you love yours just as much! How did you meet your little furry friends?


Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong. W.R. Purche

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  1. Your baby is super precious! We grew up with dachshunds, and my Mother had the cutest little long haired dachshund that looked similar to yours. I agree with you, when you love a dog, you know. I have the worst Lhasa apso in the world, but it was the same way…when I saw him, I just knew I had to have him. I also have a precious gray toy poodle that’s 14 1/2. He’s my baby!

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