We are Twins and the Best of Friends!

We are Twins! Chelsea my best best friend in the whole world is my identical twin, my seven minutes older sister and I would not have it any other way… ever!

We are mirror imaged identical twins …which means we look very similar of course and mirrored just means when I’m standing in front of her it’s like looking at myself in a mirror to a certain extent. For example, Chelsea is right handed and I’m left handed and we part our hair on opposite sides. Growing up when we lost or teeth she would lose hers on the right side and I’d lose mine on the left almost at the exact same time. When I was young, I’d tell myself that we are opposite, but in reality that’s not what mirrored really means. As we are getting older I can see that we are way similar than I ever thought! I understand it more as I’ve gotten older – it means ordering the same thing to eat though we didn’t talk about it or showing up in the same outfit (just a little embarrassing at an event we don’t know everyone… just saying!) or choosing the same activities. 

So being twins, do we get silly questions thrown at us all the time? Well yes, all the time! Here are just a few.

Not so much now, but growing up people would ask all the time, “do you ever wake up and think you might be Chelsea?” My response would be, “do you ever wake up and think you might be your sister or brother?!” She may look strikingly similar (especially when we were little), but she’s still just a sister exactly like your sister or brother. Another question we still get to this day is, “do you think you may have gotten mixed up as infants?” My mom and dad say absolutely not! Is it possible? Yes, I suppose, but I’ll believe mom and dad that I’ve always been Courtney! (I certainly don’t look like a Chelsea!) The last big question we get is if we can feel each other’s pain or think what they are thinking. I know there are some twins with this connection, but we unfortunately do not have it. Our friends would make us play all the time – “what is each other thinking at this very moment” or “how does she feel” and it just never worked out like they wanted! 

Growing up, we each really carried two names with us. I was Courtney, but I was also Chelsea. I would not hesitate to answer to either name. It just happened so much! It would irritate others, but not me. I even went a few semesters in high school getting called Chelsea the whole time! 

We have our, I guess you could say, few differences, for sure, but our crazy similarities make us just the best of friends – we always have been and I know we always will!

Let us know about some of your crazy questions about being a twin or asking twins…… we want to hear from you!! 



…encourage each other & build each other up. 1 Thess 5:11

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  1. I have been admiring both of you and your blog for some time now and I thought it is time to say it and let you know I love your blog and all that you do. Everything is just so colorful! I felt like taking those bath bombs from your DIY blog post! I love twins (we have a couple in my extended family) and it is my sincere wish to have one pair! I am still single though lol. Great job and more wins!

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