Two Ingredient Edible Sweet Play Dough

My girls love to play with play dough! So much so, you can only imagine how much we go through! A lot! I feel like I’m always buying it! It’s definitely fun, but it dries out, it falls on the floor and gets swept up, the colors get mixed and the tears start rolling. It’s difficult to play with mixed colors when you’re three and five years old (no one wants to play with brown, which it inevitably always turns into) even though there is absolutely no way to prevent it when they are playing with multiple colors! It certainly keeps them occupied and keeps their imaginations flowing. Buying it is easy, but sometimes I like to throw in a twist and make it. Edible play dough! It’s something new, something different and my girls love it…plus, it doesn’t taste so bad either!

Edible Sweet Play Dough

With everything that is happening in our world right now and with all the closures this is a great project. Most families probably have a lot more family time currently and I encourage you to spend quality time together laughing and playing!

So, I like switching things up – we’ve made regular play dough a million times, which is fun, and slime, so much slime. It’s the hot thing right now for sure. It’s great, but I can’t do it anymore – it’s messy, stressful, horrible and glitter gets everywhere, and I mean everywhere, and it’s hard to get out of hair among other things. Even when it can only be played with outside… just saying! You might have some similar stories I’m guessing!

Sweet Play Dough

I decided play dough is the way to go, but it was time to switch things up. Sweet play dough that is edible, super soft and just two ingredients… two! Superfast, super easy and edible. Something little hands can certainly help with making, plus it’s so much fun and delicious. It also means always having to tell the ladies, “it’s for playing, not eating… you can have just a tiny bit!” You can certainly eat it (I love it myself), but too much will make for sore tummies, crazy kids or both.

Get creative too. Decorate cookies, brownies or cake! I know your kids will love it, and they will be able to eat their play dough masterpieces!

Two Ingredients

Ingredients for Edible Sweet Play Dough

It’s just one cup of pre-made frosting and 2 1/2 cups powdered sugar. Easy! First, add all the frosting to a large mixing bowl and add half the powdered sugar. Mix it together thoroughly and start adding the rest of the powdered sugar and knead it until you get the consistency of typical play dough – you get to decide how soft or tough you want to make it. Both girls loved doing every step by themselves and were so proud of their finished product. You can even add sprinkles for a fun touch of color.

Making Edible Sweet Play DoughMaking Edible Sweet Play Dough

You can buy colors or make your own colors. Note: if you are making your own colors, make sure to mix in the food coloring in the frosting first before adding the powdered sugar. Otherwise, things can get messy!

Mixed Edible Sweet Play Dough

Coloring Edible Sweet Play DoughEdible Sweet Play Dough

It is fast and fun to make together with your kids and will give them hours and hours of play dough fun!

Sweet Edible Play Dough


  • 2 1/2 Cups Powdered Sugar Add extra as needed to make dough stiffer
  • 1 Cup Pre-Made Frosting


  1. Measure out and put powdered sugar in a mixing bowl

  2. Add pre-made frosting to the powdered and mix with a spoon until it comes together

  3. Knead dough until powdered sugar and frosting is completely incorporated

  4. Feel free to add more powdered sugar for a stiffer consistency

  5. Play!!

Playing with Edible Sweet Play Dough Playing with Edible Sweet Play Dough

Keep it sweet and chatter!


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