Wellness CORE: Protein Rich Nutrition for Small Breed Doggies

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Toaster is the cutest little dachshund with the biggest attitude around. Needless to say, he’s the head of the household. The ruler of another dachshund, Owen, who is pretty chill, and a standard poodle. Toaster thinks he’s big stuff, but in reality, he struts around on extremely short legs, boasts a long little body, and weighs twenty or so pounds. Being such a tiny guy, he loves to eat, and can certainly eat a lot! A balanced and healthy life starts with nutrition for this dachshund, and he loves nothing more than Wellness CORE Small Breed Dog Food especially designed for small breed dogs. It’s protein rich, which is his favorite part. It’s also grain-free and natural with none of that fluff stuff. Toaster is just not into filler ingredients. Only the best for my dachshund!

Breakfast Time

Toaster may not know how to tell time, but he keeps things running smoothly with a very regimented schedule. He wakes, goes outside to do some important dachshund business, strolls around the house to make sure things are in order and then it’s time to eat breakfast. His dachshund buddy, Owen, is notified and they both cruise into the kitchen. What’s on the menu? CORE RawRev Small Breed (kibble+, dry food with 100% freeze-dried meat).

Wellness CORE rawrev doggie food

RawRev allows you to add raw easily and safely to every meal. High-protein, grain free kibble is combined with 100% raw meat pieces to create a savory, nutrient-rich meal packed with everything my dachshunds needs to thrive from the CORE. I’d be lying if I didn’t say they try so very hard to just eat those little meat morsels of yum! They always, always ask for more! 

Dachshunds enjoying Wellness CORE dog food

Toaster slowly eats his breakfast then it’s off to work. He’ll doze off with one eye open trying to guard the place while Owen and the poodle fail to do so. Like do they even care? Someone has to keep tabs on things. What if there are unexpected visitors? 

Do You Have A Picky Eater?

Toaster is one picky eater and he doesn’t like the same old, same old. Toaster just knows…if he is served the same thing every meal he goes on strike. He’d rather not eat. Such a stubborn little guy! So I know he likes a variety. At Wellness CORE, they know dogs can’t talk, but know that eating the same thing every day is extremely boring. Make your little dog’s bowl exciting every meal, every day! Wellness CORE always has us covered offering a huge variety. Toaster is satisfied every single meal. That way there is no attitude thrown around at me!

Dachshund snack time

Snack Time

A few hours later, barking at the pantry commences. Like intense, I need a snack NOW barks. Wellness CORE has the yummiest small breed snacks too. The dachshunds go crazy. They’d eat the whole bag in one sitting if I’d let them! That’s saying a lot from Toaster. Not just any snack will do! Then it’s back to business trying to keep Owen and the poodle in line before he starts the dinner reminders!

Wellness CORE dog treats

Dinner Time

Dinner time is always the best meal of the day! Why? Because we serve Wellness CORE Mini Meals and the begging is relentless. Toaster barks non-stop while jumping on the cabinets and Owen cries and cries. It’s a symphony of begging.

Toaster and Owen dachshunds begging

This is by far their favorite meal because…wet food! What dog doesn’t love wet food? And with ingredients like beef, salmon, tuna and chicken, CORE is truly a protein-packed pet food. At the heart of every tasty CORE bite is a careful balance of natural, quality ingredients. The result is a nutrient dense meal Toaster can’t get enough of. He’s quite addicted to the chunky Chicken & Tuna. He knows where is kept in the pantry and won’t let me forget. He does love a bit of fish now and again!


My little dachshunds love everything about Wellness CORE Small Breed Dog Foods and I know yours will too. It’s important to bring love, joy and nutrition to a lifetime of meals for your best small breed doggies. Give them only the best! Wellness CORE! Let us know how your little doggies love it! Learn more about Wellness CORE here.

#ad #WellnessCORESmallBreed Dog Food is protein rich nutrition (no fluff and no fillers) made with quality and natural ingredients to fuel a happy and healthy small breed dog life. Have your little doggies try it today! They’ll certainly keep asking for more! And don’t forget to follow @Wellnesspetfood

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