What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name: Live Laugh Loving Life, which all of you know, is the name of our blog! I wanted to give you the backstory of why and how we chose this name.

I have had lots of thoughts rolling around in my mind lately. I’m sure everyone does! …but I’ve been thinking more so lately about why and how and then and now.

There is so much thrown at you from different directions, different angles and things change, like every minute of every day – some that are minuscule and some that alter the whole course of the life that you know.

An intentional life is the best life, and I think that’s why my sister and I liked the name we chose for our blog so much. We had been talking a while about starting a blog – documenting some of the things that matter most to us. The things that make us tick as a person from our personal passions to our families that intertwine so frequently.

It took us awhile to nail down our final phrase that would headline our whole blog, but when we spoke this one aloud together, it just clicked for both of us.

It’s all in a name. It’s super personal to us, yet others can relate as well. The title is a string of four simple words that everyone can define with their own meaning – all are so different, yet they share a common ground.

Here’s why we (or at least I) chose and love our title.
Live Laugh Loving Life!


The most basic definition of live is to remain alive. If you’re reading this, you’re alive, but perhaps, you need to start “living.” Be more than just alive, be fun, be spontaneous, eat some dessert, call your friends, travel the world…do what makes you tick! You should always live every minute with intention. You are stronger than you think you are, and living means to dream, to plan and to do your absolute best with those you love.
I love the quote, “live beyond what if – find joy in what is.”


To chuckle from an act of fun or amusement is to laugh. Life shouldn’t be so serious you can’t laugh once in a while. It is the best medicine you know! I’m sure you’ve heard that cliche line before… but really, laughing feels so good and we definitely want to incorporate that into our lives.
It brings joy and fun into our relationships and keeps life light-hearted!
The most fun we’ve had doing a post was near Halloween. We were going to make edible slime with worms, but it was a complete and utter disaster… and beyond messy. The things that came out of my daughter’s mouth were hilarious, and one thing led to another. I was mad a first, but then decided it was too funny. We all laughed until our stomachs and cheeks hurt and then laughed some more. My structured day may have fallen apart, but the memories made were even more valuable.
“Life is certainly better when you’re laughing!”


The definition of love is purposeful, unconditional commitment. Love, to me, is 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. It’s not superficial; it’s not a return favor or a meet my needs kind of love, it’s sincere, unconditional, hard love. Love is like the glue that binds everything we hold near and dear together, and it’s so, so powerful. Love plays a huge part in our everyday lives and can really define who we are. You can read a person, I think, by finding out what it is they truly love and how they love.
Love is truth and vulnerability and can be serious, but it’s also pink hearts, sparkles and smiles!
“Love is sunshine on a cloudy day!”


Life is defined as the existence of an individual human being or animal, but this only scratches the surface. It’s truly more than just existence itself. It’s everything in between that makes us whole. It’s seeking purpose in the hard times, joyous times, rocky times and happy times. It’s helping yourself and helping those in need. Yet, some things in life are understood and some are left a mystery, but live every day as a new day and to its fullest.

Life sums up the first three words I just described. Those three words are what makes life! You’ve got to live it up, laugh and be joyous often, and never forget to love one another. Life is short, life is fragile, life is whatever you make of it!

Thanks for sharing in our adventure full of family, food, sweets and more!


Live Laugh Loving Life!

What’s in a Name blog post

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